Halloween Costume Ideas

diy hlloween costume ideas

Angels Fancy Dress has an amazing range of Halloween costumes for men, women, couples, groups, kids and even dogs! They also provide kits and accessories for making your own, unique costumes. With Make-up Blood and a few other items you can transform normal costumes into the gruesome … [continue]

Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas

halloween pumpkin

Stuck for ideas this Halloween? Here’s our favourite products from Amazon to help with all your pumkin carving dilemas! Or scroll down for some amazing pictures for more inspiration.     PREMIER Pumpkin Carving Tools Fed up of the same old boring pumpkin carving year after year? Check out these sites for some amazing creations […]


Halloween Cat Luminaries

cat halloween decorations

Halloween Cat Luminaries | Pottery Barn Kids. From €22 This spooky black cat has a grin that glows from within. Place a flameless candle in the papier mâché design to enjoy a frisky take on the traditional jack-o’-lantern.   Cat: 8.5″ diameter, 12″ high Jumbo Cat: 15″ wide x 12″ deep x 29.5″ high Crafted […]


Things That You Should Know About Flower Selection

  Flowers symbolize both life and beauty. For years, flowers have been used as the perfect present to express a range of emotions like love, caring and admiration. When picking out a bouquet for that someone special, you need to keep a few things in mind. If you think ordering flowers is as simple as […]


5 Ways Of Buying Quality Yet Affordable Flowers Online

red rose

The fragrance of red roses surrounding a chalice of flowing garden wine is irresistible. This is the impact the flowers can have when combined with the right components. They can change a rather dull situation into a bright and lively atmosphere.  Flowers are one of the best gifts you can give a loved one on […]


Birthday Party Gags Gifts

Birthdays remind us that we are alive and that we have reason to celebrate years past and the coming year. We take this chance to celebrate with our loved ones by holding parties. We all love to get gifts during these parties and anticipate great gestures from our loved ones. Here is a list of […]


Here Are Some Great Treats For Yourself That You Can Buy Online

When you have a little extra cash to spare and you feel like treating yourself, it can be tempting to head out to the shops and have a little browse. However, not everybody likes the idea of traipsing up and down the high street – and if you have children then it can be very […]


Demand Attention by Giving Attention Grabbing Gifts

3d self models

It does not need to be a holiday in order to send someone you care about a gift. Any day can be a gift day. Gifts are given for a variety of reasons, but most gifts are given because you genuinely care about the recipient. Gifts do not need to be traditional. Many people have […]


Give the Gift of Memories

old photos

The number of digital cameras sold in 2013 is expected to drop by over four percent to a little more than 115 million cameras that are heading to new homes. According to BusinessWeek, these numbers indicate a reduction of all the digital SLRs sold, but do not indicate that there is a decline in the […]


Snowman Baby Food Jars

empty babyfood jars ideas

If you are yet to discover Pinterest, you are missing out on some simply brilliant ideas for crafting, recipes and fabulous interior design ideas to name but a few. I found this idea for making Snowmen gifts out of empty baby food jars and couldn’t resist sharing. They would make an adorable gift from the children to Teacher or Grandma. […]


Creative and stunning masquerade masks for Halloween

phantom mask

Some people struggle to find the perfect Halloween costume. Others prefer an easier solution, so they choose to put on a mask. This can be a great idea, as long as you opt for a creative and eye-catching mask. You are about to see several excellent ideas that can help you select the best masquerade […]


Choosing the right furniture for your home

outdoor design

If you’ve recently undergone a home renovation, or you’ve simply done a bit of repainting, chances are you will be looking for the perfect furniture items to complement your new home – and as we all know choosing furniture can be an incredibly challenging task! So where should you start? And how can you choose […]


Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts This Christmas

tea towel wrapping

Now it’s getting to that time of year where everywhere you go more and more Christmas gifts, decorations and cards are popping up screaming “CHRISTMAS” in your face, to the point where it is getting hard to avoid. All the late night shopping trips to come, endless browsing on the internet and asking for ideas […]


Top 10 Masks for parties

masquerade mask

Choosing the perfect masquerade mask can be tricky sometimes, since there are plenty of available models from which you can choose. In case you’re dealing with problems in deciding which masks suits your outfit best, take a look at the following 10 masks described below. All of them are modern and fun, which means that […]


Ethnic looking Signet Rings: A cultural add-on to your style

signet ring

Signet rings have been around for several centuries, and they’re popular all over the world. In the past, signet rings were considered to be the symbol of victory, meaning that only successful generals had the right to wear them. If you’re wondering where signet rings were first used, the answer probably lies in Greece. Legends […]


When Charity & Fashion Collide: Clothing For Social Good

designer pudsey bear

We’re all jealous of the celebrity culture – the designer clothing; the seemingly endless money; the glitz and the glamour. So when celebrities occasionally give back to society through charity donations, work, or awareness we realise that they’re only human like the rest of us. Only recently though have we truly been able to share […]


How To Deal With Summer Flash Rainstorms

The summer will soon be with us; at least, it will be in terms of dates on the calendar.  It is doubtful if the weather will actually resemble summer at all, as is invariably the case in many countries around the world. When the weather does brighten up and we bask in brilliant heat, there […]


Three Memorable Gifts Available Online

Making someone in your life feel special can be easy, but making someone stand out can be harder.  If you want to impress one of your loved ones or simply embarrass them with a surprise gift, here are the best ideas for you!  Whether it is a birthday celebration, anniversary, graduation, holiday, or just because […]


What Are The Best Gifts For Graduates?

It’s the time of year when lots of students are gearing up for their final exams and their final pieces of coursework. This is an exciting time and for their families it often represents a really important milestone. Too often is the completion of a degree seen as something fairly ordinary because of the sheer […]


Create a Personalised Special Gift Online

Gifts are given on a daily basis and are the perfect way to spread smiles whether there is a special occasion or not. Further happiness and speciality can be added to gifts when the sender puts extra effort into making them; personalised, handmade gifts are not only loved but greatly cherished by all. Gift items […]


How To Wrap Presents With Panache

christmas gifts

Panache is a noun meaning “flamboyant confidence,” and just about anything can be done with panache of style. From fashion wardrobes to party themes, the right dose of panache can make everything more exciting, more colorful, and more fun. When it comes to gift giving, the extravagance of the wrapping can be just as enticing […]


Swimwear Trends For 2013


When spring hits, the majority of women start thinking about summer holiday plans and what swimsuits they are going to wear on the beach or to relax in next to the pool. The good news for women is that there are many beautiful and varied trends for 2013 available. So much so we are confident […]


A Hijab For Every Taste

Have you ever wondered what a Hijab was? Read more to find out. When it comes to Islamic clothing, the hijab is often the centerpiece of the ensemble.  With a variety of style options, Muslim women can choose the style that best reflects their personality. The hijab is the most instantly recognizable piece of clothing […]