3 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

The thoughtful gift you give to another family or relative doesn’t have to be extravagant. Gift giving allows you to show others that you care. Planning ahead is one way to deflect some of the expense, especially if taking family portraits. You want to avoid those last minute glamour shots prices rip-off. Remember, whether opting for photos or giving a handmade treat, it is the thought that counts.

A Basket of Goodies

Shopping is all fine and good, but taking the time to cook really makes a statement. When considering what might be a suitable gift for a grandmother or elderly aunt, put together a picnic basket of home cooked dishes. Older people often rely on frozen meals to get by each day. This would be gift that stands out. The basket could make up one full meal with entrée, side dishes and dessert or provide a variety of foods that will last for days. If you have room, add a nice bottle of wine or some elegant accessories like linen napkins and glassware.

Something for the Home

Providing a home accent piece is one way to gift to an entire family. Instead of buying something for each member, you give a gift to the household instead. Candles, wall art or soaps all make decorative additions to any decor. For something a little different, fill a wicker basket with a variety of small items including some holiday decorations. Things to consider include specialty coffees, an essential oil collection, fragrant drawer liners or sophisticated treats such as truffle butter. Cover the basket in colorful, transparent plastic wrap and tie it with a bow. The family will enjoy digging through the gift looking at all the treasures.

A Portrait

Holiday season is the time of year that glamour shot prices rip-off seems to emerge, but a portrait makes a thoughtful gift if done professionally. A picture of yourself or the entire family will keep you in the hearts of people you don’t get to see often enough. You can use the portrait as a way to keep them up to date on growing children or as a remembrance. Add an attractive frame and you have a gift that is exceptional.

Part of the fun of gift giving is planning. Take the time to find truly thoughtful gifts for friends and family. Anyone can buy the latest trendy gadget, but providing a gift with a creative touch makes for a truly festive season for both the giver and recipient.

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