5 Best Corporate Company Gifts

Premium gift baskets for Father's DayRegardless of the time of the year, giving your employees corporate gifts is a great way to show them that they’re appreciated and you value their time with the company. Holidays, birthdays, anniversary’s or just a simple thank you can make a huge difference in the employee moral in your offices. When it comes to gift giving, however, it’s sometimes difficult to come up with appropriate gift ideas, especially when it’s in a corporate environment. That’s why we’ve put together a lift of the five best corporate company gifts to make your gift buying process a little easier!

Tea and coffee gift basket

It doesn’t matter what type of job you do, coffee is almost always a big part of it. If you’re not sure coffee is everyone’s thing, tea is another great addition to a gift basket to provide to your employees for that extra boost of energy that they need to get through each day. Whether you simply just include teas and coffees or you go all out and add a mug to complete the gift basket, your employees will be sure to see that you’re putting forth an effort and that you care about them, which is exactly what you want.

Gourmet cookies

There’s almost nothing that prevents a person from indulging in a sweet treat every once in a while. To really knock your employees’ socks off, why not buy them a collection of gourmet cookies to hit their sweet tooth. This is a great option, even if the employee isn’t a huge sweets fan. If you put in the effort to find gourmet cookies that are made with the finest ingredients, your employees are sure to forgo their diet for a few days so that they can enjoy this thoughtful gift.

Personalized glass coasters

If you want to give your employees something that lasts rather than something they can eat tomorrow, consider getting them personalized glass coasters. Coasters are a great gift because it’s something they can use at home and show off to others when they’re entertaining. They’re personal and elegant, and can help to protect your furniture from scratches or scuffs which is just another bonus!

Gift cards

Gift cards are always appreciated and always used, especially if the gift card is to an online store such as Amazon. This ensures that your employees can use it on whatever they please, as opposed to being stuck with just a small selection of items from a more targeted store gift card.

Flowers or plants

Nothing brightens up an office like a bouquet of flowers or a nice potted plant. In addition to it making the office look nice, something like this can really help boost the overall mood in an office setting. If you’re getting flowers, find a bouquet that has a decently long lifespan and won’t die over night. As far as plants go, look for a plant that doesn’t require daily watering in case your employees don’t always have the time to water them.

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Amy Richards is a freelance writer and gift giver extraordinaire. Her most recent gift giving experience was giving corporate gift baskets to all of her employees at her office. She loves finding personalized gifts and seeing the expressions on people’s faces as they open her gifts!

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