6 Tips for Buying the Best Leather Shoes

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Leather shoes are an undeniable part of a man’s wardrobe. Even if you like sporty shoes, it’s a good idea to have a pair or two of leather shoes to create the right impression in formal occasions. There is no dearth of leather brands today but it seems that most people are quite unaware of them. There are also many things to keep in mind when shopping for leather shoes. Here are some of them:

  •   Go for pure leather: Judge the kind of hide used in making the shoe. Many types of leather look- alikes have popped up in the market because of modern manufacturing methods. The premium leather shoe brands insist upon using pure animal hide, which is considered to be the mark of pure leather and this should be your first consideration when buying leather shoes. So opt for a brand that has been in the market for many years and has earned the reputation of using only the purest form of leather. You can visit here for authentic leather shoes.


  •   Handmade or factory manufactured: Handmade leather shoes are more expensive than manufactured ones. If you plan to buy Custom Leather Shoes, be ready to pay even more.


  •   Understand the types: There are different types of leather shoes available in market. Some of them are:


1.    Oxford leather shoes: These can be your safest bet that can never go wrong. It is a refined form of leather, usually sold in darker and conservative shades. There are rare chances of finding these types in newer shades like grey or dark navy blue. They have a very formal appearance and can be worn to parties and workplace. Also looks great with denims.


2.    Dress boots: These are boots, not meant to be worn when dressing formally or when you want to look sleek.


3.    Bluchers: The laces tend to protrude, are more upfront and visible and have an obtuse arrangement. They are considered to be less formal than Oxfords but you can hardly tell the difference. Common variations include the cap- toed and wing tipped leather shoes.


  •   Study the stitching pattern: Analyse the type of stitching pattern used since every retailer uses a slightly different pattern. There are leather shoes with stitching that is seamlessly blended into the surface and is almost undetectable. Conversely there are shoes where the stitching lines are more pronounced which adds more authenticity to the shoe.


  •   Stretch marks are acceptable: Please don’t deter from buying a pair that has stretch marks. Stretch marks on leather shoes are traditionally considered to be a mark of their originality. However, I don’t suggest you to buy a pair surface is all scuffed with stretch marks to the extent that it looks ugly. Stretch marks should give a textured appearance.


  •   Stay away from exotic leather shoes: Try not to invest too much on exotic leathers unless you have a thorough knowledge about the different types of leathers. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to repair exotic leather shoes.





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