A Hijab For Every Taste

Have you ever wondered what a Hijab was? Read more to find out.

When it comes to Islamic clothing, the hijab is often the centerpiece of the ensemble.  With a variety of style options, Muslim women can choose the style that best reflects their personality.

The hijab is the most instantly recognizable piece of clothing that Muslim women wear.  This important piece of clothing acts as a cover for the head and neck, invoking powerful religious symbolism.  Women who wish to wear a hijab will find that they have a number of options that can fulfill their religious obligations, while allowing them to express personality and individuality.

Al Amira

The Al Amira style is what many Westerners picture when they think of a hijab.  In this style, the hijab is designed to be pulled over the head, where it provides full coverage of the top of the head and the neck.  These hijabs are tight against the head, with fabric that drapes over the neck area, extending to the breast of the woman.  With the hijab fitting so tight, there is no need for pins to hold it in place, and it can be put on very quickly.  This makes the Al Amira style ideal for Muslim women who are physically active, yet wish to maintain their modesty.


The Shayla style of hijab is much less defined than the Al Amira.  Where the Al Amira has a clearly formed cap, the Shayla  hijab is primarily just a rectangle of cloth.  These hijabs are meant to be wrapped around the head every time they are put on, and take much longer to prepare than an Al Amira hijab.  The benefit of the Shayla style is that they are much more customizable than the Al Amira.  Because the Shayla hijabs do not have a formed cap, they need pins to hold them in place, allowing the woman to accessorize the hijab to reflect her personality.  Overall the Shayla hijabs are more stylish, at the cost of being more onerous to put on.


The Mona style of hijab is a compromise between the Al Amira and the Shayla styles.  Like the Al Amira style, the Mona hijabs come with a clearly defined cap that is easy to put on and that holds the hijab in place when the woman moves.  In an effort to allow the woman more customization, the Mona hijabs also include an attached scarf, which allows the wearer to wrap the remaining fabric of the hijab around her head and neck in the manner that she chooses.  This fabric needs to be held together with some kind of pin or clip, so a woman wearing this style has the opportunity to accessorize her hijab to express her individuality.

Just as all women are different, hijabs must be able to reflect the personality of their wearers.  By choosing one of these options, Muslim women can find the hijab that best suits their needs, while allowing them the opportunity to express individualism.

My name is Rachel Ingram and I wrote this article so others could be much better informed about Islamic clothing.  Most people don’t know where to get it, what is in fashion, or what to buy for that matter.  So I wrote this in hope of giving others some insight of what Islamic clothing is. I personally buy all of mine from http://www.artizara.com/, but that is my personal choice and that is what I find is most in fashion today.

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