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BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen

I’m not suggesting for one second that any of our readers actually needs to go and purchase one of these “ergonomically designed for women” pens…

But if you have ten minutes to spare, please head over to the product sales page and read the reviews!

Here’s a small sample of what you can look forward to, priceless!

These are just awesome:

My husband bought a box of these for me. I was SO excited that, finally, I would be able to write after watching him do it for all these years. My excitement turned to tears when I realized that they do not come with paper-for-her. Please, BIC, consider making some feminine paper products so I can use my new pens.
As you know, pens are not just for men anymore. Between recipes and grocery lists the modern women really must be able to write! But until I found this product, writing was a real hassle. First I would be scared and confused by pen’s dark color (black…ugh.) Then, once I overcame my fear of gender neutral colors, I would inevitably injure my hand due to most pens’ complex masculine design. But the “for her” pens are “designed to comfortable fit in a woman’s hand” so I can easily pick one up without fear! Thank you BIC!
Until BIC launched BIC for Her I had always been happy writing with what I now realise were pens for men and should never have been in my hands. Now I feel violated and am overcome by a sense of regret for what might have been. Perhaps if I had known that I should not be writing with these men-pens I would be married by now, with two adorable kids, a pretty cottage in the countryside with roses around the door.

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