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Birthdays remind us that we are alive and that we have reason to celebrate years past and the coming year. We take this chance to celebrate with our loved ones by holding parties. We all love to get gifts during these parties and anticipate great gestures from our loved ones.
Here is a list of ideal birthday party gag gifts that are sure to create a great unforgettable experience that is sure to be etched in the memories of your friends and loved ones for years to come:

1. Crazy Calculator – Surprise your friend or loved one with a calculator that has funny and clever replies to their math equations. This gift is ideal to give your friends a good laugh as they switch between the two modes of normal and crazy and this calculator saves energy by powering off automatically after 90 seconds of being unused. This gift is ideal for nerdy
friends and can be purchased on for only $10.79

2. Beer Belt 6-Pack – We all have that one friend whose middle name should have been ‘Drunk’. This beer belt six pack is an ideal gag gift for such a friend on their birthday. Your friend will be glad to have this in their birthday party as they will be sure to hold 6 beers at a go using the unique, funny belt and will go further to ensure that they are stocked for every party especially the open bar ones to ensure they have an extra stash when the bar closes. This belt can be purchased for only $10.99 on

3. Fake Beer Powder – For an all classic college birthday party where people drink beer by the dozens, this powder can be a perfect funny gift for the party animals. This powder when mixed with water creates a liquid that foams like beer but tastes like dish soap. It is ideal to pull this prank early in the party before the heavy drinkers go rowdy on you. For a good laugh, you can purchase this gag gift for a special deal of only 2.99 at gagworks.

4. Cupcake Air Freshener – If you have any friends that are great pastry lovers, then this would be an ideal birthday gift for them. This cupcake air freshener comes in ranges of scents and will be sure to cause a good laugh as a private joke as well as give your friend a great scent all round. This cupcake air freshener funny gift can be bought for 2.95 usd at

5. Dynamite Candle Sticks – These dynamite sticks are ideal for presentation during cake cutting when one is being sang for at a birthday party. The party goers will have mixed feelings when they see the dynamite candles and some may even cower in fear and expect the candles to explode when it is sizzling all the way down the cake. Sparks are intended to shoot out through the whole candle wick creating a realistic TNT effect creating a fun time for all party goers. This can be purchased for only $8.95 on and will be sure to cause a sizzling effect for all party goers.

The above are just a tip of the iceberg of all kinds of birthday party gag gifts. More of these can be found on online stores at affordable prices under a huge variety.

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