What Do You Get For The Man Who Has Everything?

As a young child the mysterious world of men was beyond my comprehension. However, I was too busy climbing trees and watching movies to spare any time contemplating grown-up life. Every year when Father’s day came around, I relied on the trusted default option – a nice pair of socks. However, one year I asked […]

What Are The Best Gifts To Buy For Your Man?

It is one of life’s great ironies; men spend a lot of time around special occasions fretting over what they are going to buy for their women, but little do they realise that the reverse is also true.  Contrary to the popular and misguided belief, women also find it a challenge to buy suitable gifts, […]

Christmas Presents for the Petrol head in your Life

If you are like me, a car enthusiast, and have been since a young boy then Christmas is the time of the year when you tend to get given a driving themed CD or sponge and leather kit! I have therefore compiled a list of gifts for the car enthusiast at Christmas.   Snowfoam Lance: This […]

How brave are you? Scariest Experience Days

Life is what you make of it. For those of you who tire of the monotony of daily life, you can purchase experience days. There are a variety of routes you can take when deciding on your experience, but if you are feeling brave, sign up for one of the scariest. For an extreme adrenaline […]

Top Christmas Treats for your Man…with an Ethical Twist

If your man has an ethical heart there’s more to choose from than ever. Here are a few bright gift ideas for a delightful ethical Christmas given with love for him, the environment and the people who created them. Happy gifts, if you like! Funky vinyl book ends crafted from recycled records If you’re old […]

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

  Looking for a Christmas gift for the man in your life? Check out our guide to finding the perfect present for your own Mr Wonderful.   Whether it’s your dad, your brother, your partner or your best friend, men can be tricky to shop for. A short trip to your nearest pharmacy for a […]

Autumnal Fragrances For Men

  Summer has come to an end, so you may be thinking of changing your fragrances to harmonise with the season. Replace those light floral notes with warmer, spicier woodier ones. You’ll probably want your new fragrance to have a stronger scent, offering great longevity, lasting the full length of a day. These fragrances all share […]