Snowman Baby Food Jars

If you are yet to discover Pinterest, you are missing out on some simply brilliant ideas for crafting, recipes and fabulous interior design ideas to name but a few. I found this idea for making Snowmen gifts out of empty baby food jars and couldn’t resist sharing. They would make an adorable gift from the children to Teacher or Grandma. […]

The Ultimate Boyfriend’s Guide To Shopping For Christmas

Christmas shopping is a hassle for most women, so we can only imagine what it must be like for men. No doubt it’s your idea of a nightmare… hours spent wandering from shop to shop, standing in queues and generally being harassed by crowds of mothers with prams and crying children. But if you want […]

Coping with Christmas Holiday Stress

Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Presents and loved ones gathering to renew ties and bond together is something we always look forward to. However, days leading to the holidays are marred with too much stress and anxiety. Stress can even ruin the happy times ahead if you are unable to cope […]

Christmas Hampers for the Whole Family

Getting prepared for the festive season is a big task and time during the festive season is precious, with decorating the house, food shopping, present shopping, writing Christmas cards, organising family get togethers all on the list of things to do. Choosing gifts for friends and relatives will take time and thought as you want […]

Christmas isn’t just for kids – The best Christmas books for adults

  Although everyone is likely to be excited about Christmas this year, many people see Christmas as a children’s celebration really. Kids get so incredibly excited about Christmas that it can be easy to forget that the adults enjoy a bit of seasonal festiveness as well, so this year don’t forget to let yourself enjoy […]

Easy-to-Make Holiday Crafts

The winter is the perfect time to make holiday crafts. Moreover, they make great gifts for your family and friends. Below are two easy-to-make holiday crafts that anyone can create: Clay ornaments made of bread dough: Bread clay ornaments have been around for generations due to fact that they are inexpensive and easy to make. […]

Six of the very worst Christmas jumpers that you could wear this winter

  Six of the very worst Christmas jumpers that you could wear this winter   Just like turkey dinners, crackers, decorations and presents, Christmas jumpers are rapidly becoming one of the annual traditions of the festive period. The trouble is, as we all know, they look ridiculous. So why exactly have we developed this barmy […]

3 Christmas Gift Ideas You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

 License: Creative Commons image source There are times when thinking of what to give your friends or family this Christmas brings a real headache. There are plenty of items in the market right now but deciding which ones best suit your gift benefactors can be utterly challenging. With all these cool gadgets and jaw-dropping products […]

Christmas Gift Guide: For her

With Christmas creeping ever closer, time is running out to find that perfect gift. Whether it’s for a sister, girlfriend, friend or colleague getting the perfect gift is never easy. Here are a few of our top tips to help you out. Clothes and Jewellery Ladies dresses may seem like a minefield of potential present […]

Will you be changing your shopping habits this year?

The financial burden of Christmas is going to be difficult for many of us to bear this year as we already struggle to stick to our monthly budgets. With this in mind, have conducted some research to try and find out whether people intend to change their spending habits this Christmas. Twenty questions were […]

Homemade Gift Ideas

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is not too early to start thinking about gifts for loved ones. If you are fortunate enough to have family and friends who appreciate homemade gifts, then the possibilities are endless. Gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive, no matter what the TV commercials tell you.   Home […]

Christmas Shopping in New York – From Your Couch!

Imagine the look on the faces of your nearest and dearest when they realise their Christmas present has come all the way from one of the top shopping destinations in the world! Christmas shopping in New York will remain a dream for many of us this year, unless of course you do some savvy shopping […]

Christmas Craft Ideas for Children

Encouraging children to be creative helps them develop several skills as well as showing them that there is more to Christmas than going to the store to buy everything. They can make ornaments, cards and other little gifts for family members.   Children love to make things for others and for the tree. One fun […]

Christmas Presents for the Petrol head in your Life

If you are like me, a car enthusiast, and have been since a young boy then Christmas is the time of the year when you tend to get given a driving themed CD or sponge and leather kit! I have therefore compiled a list of gifts for the car enthusiast at Christmas.   Snowfoam Lance: This […]

Obvious Winter Gifts And Why They’re Ace!

Autumn is underway and before too long winter will be rapping on your door with frost tipped knobbly knuckles. This metaphor might be bleak, but it can be countered with jovial retail action. Yes, it’s about time you prepped for artic conditions in an urban setting. Even better, kit out your pals too… winter is […]

Popular Gift Trends for Christmas 2012

This article looks at the trendiest and most sought after gifts for Christmas 2012, looking at fashion and fragrance for adults and the best toys for children. What’s Trending? Although the phrase is more widely used nowadays to describe user activity on Twitter and other social networking platforms, it is the perfect one to use […]

Christmas Cocktails

Cocktails at Christmas have come a long way since my mother used to entertain our guests with the dreaded Snowball, which consisted of the ever loved Advocate and a dash of lemonade. I say dread purely because I have memories of making my self horribly sick on it as a twelve year old!   My Top […]

Top Christmas Treats for your Man…with an Ethical Twist

If your man has an ethical heart there’s more to choose from than ever. Here are a few bright gift ideas for a delightful ethical Christmas given with love for him, the environment and the people who created them. Happy gifts, if you like! Funky vinyl book ends crafted from recycled records If you’re old […]

Treat Yourself this Christmas

  With Christmas coming we will be busy buying gifts for friends and family members in the run up to the festive season! I thought I would take the chance to put together a short blog that reminds us that we need to treat ourselves too!! With the Christmas party season almost ready to start […]

The history of Christmas decorations

One of the most exciting parts of Christmas for many people is the putting up of decorations. Both kids and adults delight in being able to get the Christmas tree out again, place all of the baubles and tinsel on it, before finishing it off with a star or angel on the top. There is […]