Cerebral Shopping: Using Your Head in Finding Fabulous Handbags


Shopping and women are two things that are inseparable. Women are just born to shop, for whatever that means. There is really something when we women get inside the department store or fashion boutiques and get exposed in front of the most fabulous clothes, the most elegant shoes and the hottest designer handbags, of course. And as much fun and exciting shopping for ladies handbags may be, there is much to do before the shopping itself in order to ensure a great purchase. Shopping, as you may know, involves emotions, no doubt about that but sometimes, using your head is equally or sometimes more important in order to make sure that you will be getting your money’s worth.


First thing that you should be able to settle by yourself is why you need those bags for. Are you looking for a bag which you can use in the office that has a very professional look? Do you need a large bag that will help you in carrying all your stuff like your computers, extra clothes etc. On a daily basis and even at weekends? Knowing the purpose or use of the bags is the first step in order to trim down your choices. Be wise by starting with this aspect before going to the other factors that you should consider.

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Shape, color and size

Next aspect, well, the next three aspects that you should think of carefully once you have decided on what type of bags you should go for are the shape, color and size of the bags. Now this involves the aesthetics of the ladies handbags that you will be purchasing which is equally important with the usage. Choosing the shape of the bags involves the shape of your own body while the colors should represent your taste and style. If you are someone who is strong-willed and the professional type of woman, then black handbags will surely look good on you. Aesthetics is very, very important since you wouldn’t want to be seen carrying a bag or purse that doesn’t look good on you or doesn’t accentuate your outfit, right?


Being wise means being practical

And since we know that the price of these designer bags and purse are to be taken seriously, then it is wise if you look for more affordable alternatives first instead of spending all of your savings, or a good chunk of it on a single designer bag that may look fabulous but will eat up all your money. Waiting for mid-year or yearend sale from the top boutiques and stores is a good option if you want to get a good bag for half the original price, or even more. But if you are too lazy and anxious to wait for one, you can go online and purchase from the second-hand market or through reputable websites that offer designer-inspired bags and purses which definitely cost way, way cheaper than what you will have to pay for an original and yet be able to enjoy designs that are close to the real ones.


About the author: Patricia May has been writing about general fashion and chic handbags which she truly loves to death.

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