Choosing the right furniture for your home

If you’ve recently undergone a home renovation, or you’ve simply done a bit of repainting, chances are you will be looking for the perfect furniture items to complement your new home – and as we all know choosing furniture can be an incredibly challenging task! So where should you start? And how can you choose the right furniture to complement your new home? Well here are some handy tips if you are looking for the right furniture to complement your home renovation.

Colour schemes


A colour scheme is one of the most important design elements that a home can have, and if you have chosen colours throughout your home renovation process then these should also be echoed in the choice and style of furniture that you have. Look at the walls and the type of flooring that you have, these are a great way to get ideas for the type of furniture that you want.

You also need to look at the mood you want in your home – are you looking to warm up the home during winter with some dark browns, blacks and reds – or are you looking to give a more summery feel to your home with lighter, brighter colours such as pastel blues and yellows? Either way, having a colour scheme and a feel about your property can really make a difference here.

Existing furniture

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In some situations you may find that you have certain pieces of existing furniture that you want to adopt into your new scheme, and as such you need to make sure that any new furniture you buy fits in nicely with these. If you have certain pieces of furniture that have real meaning to you then incorporate them straight into your home. Once you’ve done this look to fill the gaps with new pieces of furniture.

Materials vs expense

It’s really important that you look at how long-term your furniture is going to be. If you are looking to stay in your home for a while then you want to invest in furniture that lasts. High quality materials such as leather and suede can be a little more expensive, but they also tend to be more durable and can be better financially in the long term. They also tend to hold their colour quite well and won’t fade as quickly.

If you are looking for temporary “holder” furniture then it’s obviously not worth spending a fortune on it and as such you may look for something which is a little more affordable.

Standout pieces

Sometimes you will want furniture items that really stand out, and other times you will want ones that blend into the crowd. Having too many standout pieces can be detrimental in the same way that too many blending in can, so make sure you have a good mixture of both. Statement furniture is a good thing to have in any room, but make sure it doesn’t detract away from the feel of the room, rather you want it to add warmth and style!

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