Christmas Presents for the Petrol head in your Life

If you are like me, a car enthusiast, and have been since a young boy then Christmas is the time of the year when you tend to get given a driving themed CD or sponge and leather kit! I have therefore compiled a list of gifts for the car enthusiast at Christmas.


snowfoam carwashSnowfoam Lance: This is ideal for anyone who always wants their car to look at its best. These can either be attached to your hose pipe or pressure washer like Karcher or Nilfisk. There are specific types available for each make of pressure washer as you cant mix and match equipment. Snowfoam Lances start at around £50 plus snowfoam wash which is sold in 5 litre containers from £20.

They are easy to use, simply attach the lance to your hose pipe or pressure washer and spray your car with the snowfoam. This leaves your car covered in foam and apart from, in my opinion, make you and your car look impressive to your neighbours the snow foam helps to remove all dirt stuck to your car’s paintwork.


Jeremy Clarkson The Top Gear Years book: The book retails at around £10 and is the latest book by Jeremy Clarkson. I love watching Top Gear and have read many of Clarkson’s books so I had to put this on the list. The book is basically Clarkson’s time on Top Gear since the early 90’s until now and is a comical read. Ideal for after your Christmas Dinner.


Driving Games: At this time of the year the games market gets filled with driving games either for the PS3, XBOX360 or Wii. These are the best new releases, Need for Speed Most Wanted available on both the PS3 and XBOX360 the latest in the series and the best yet. Forza Horrizon on the XBOX360. The oldest and still the best GT5 the most comprehensive driving game ever released. If you’re a fan of motorsport then there is also the latest release of WRC3 and F1 2012 both of these games are available on the PS3 and XBOX360.


driving experience daysDriving Experience Days: For many owning a Porsche 911 Audi R8 or Ferrari is just a dream let alone driving it on a track. There are many race circuits around the country which you can either take your own car on the track or take a performance car with an instructor. These start off from around £100 for a two hour session.



Aryton Senna DVD: The documentary film follows the life of who many regard as the greatest F1 driver of all time. Whether you’re an  F1 fan or not this is a 5* film.

senna dvd

This article was written by Richard Thomas, a genuine car enthusiast who operates a successful car detailing and car valeting company in Eastbourne, UK. Richard has over 10 years experience in Car Detailing and Car Valeting. Richard’s website, Goodwin Car Detailing provides excellent tips on essential car maitenance and valuable advice for keeping your car in tip-top condition all year round.

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  1. That snowfoam looks awesome, but is really any better than normal car soap?

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