Coping with Christmas Holiday Stress

stress freeHolidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Presents and loved ones gathering to renew ties and bond together is something we always look forward to.

However, days leading to the holidays are marred with too much stress and anxiety. Stress can even ruin the happy times ahead if you are unable to cope with it. It is important that you stay on top of the situation and never let stress get in the way of having a grand time especially this Christmas.





Simplify things

Don’t complicate things or else you are just inviting stress to get a hold of you. The best way to beat stress during the Christmas holiday is to take things easy. Do some relaxation techniques and savor the moment. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed; so what if you don’t have the best eggnog? Aim for simplicity and not perfection, your friends and family will understand it if it is not perfect. Don’t worry too much, because the holiday is a time to spend with the people you love. Always aim for simplicity and you will have lesser things to worry about.  Always remember that it is not how lavish you spend for this holiday.  Holidays are not always about buying things and spending money.  What matters most is how you show your loved ones your love and care for them.



Most of the stress generated during the holidays is caused by frequenting shopping malls. The throngs of people in the mall add to the stress. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at the check-out counter and if that does not convince you then you are great in coping with stress. However, most people don’t deal with stress that good. It is important that you are able to plan out a list of people that you will be giving gifts to so that you will not cram as the clock winds down. Avoid holiday rush as you go in an eleventh hour shopping.  Otherwise, you run the risk of suffering from much stress and anxiety.



Keeping things in order is the best way to stop stress dead on its tracks during the holidays. Get a tab on things to make tasks easier for you. Deal with things realistically and never attempt to do things beyond your capability. Having a good organization will keep things at their proper places and help you avoid untoward incidents that could send stress levels shooting through the roof. When the holidays are fast approaching, start making a list of those things that you need to do and buy.


Exercise and diet

Having an eating binge is expected during the holidays. The holidays are never a hall pass for you to eat unhealthy food. While you can’t avoid eating during the holiday just take it in moderation. Also, keep a regular exercise routine during the holidays. No matter how busy you may be for the holiday preparations, always take the time to stick to your exercise regimen. Many people complain about getting a high blood pressure or gaining more weight during the holidays.  Never let the same thing happen to you.


Be grateful and thankful

Blessings that come to you should be counted. Learn to be grateful for all that you received during the year and learn to thank people that helped you achieve things. You can give back to the community by doing volunteer work. Volunteering for soup kitchens and other charitable acts actually lower stress levels and anxiety. Instead of complaining, be thankful for what you have.



Never forget to laugh. Laughter is important to make the holidays livelier. Laugher provides a positive impact to the body as it releases endorphins that reduce stress levels and leave you feeling good about yourself. Learn to laugh even if it is not Christmas. Laugh all throughout the year and feel better.


Expect things not to fall into place like you want them to be. The best thing about the holidays is that it is a time for you to rediscover things about you. Make the holidays as meaningful as possible.



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