Creative and stunning masquerade masks for Halloween

Some people struggle to find the perfect Halloween costume. Others prefer an easier solution, so they choose to put on a mask. This can be a great idea, as long as you opt for a creative and eye-catching mask. You are about to see several excellent ideas that can help you select the best masquerade mask ever! Besides, we’ve also included some styling guidelines that you should consider if you want to go for a complete outfit. Take a look at the following tips; apply them and all your friends will simply envy you for your Halloween costume!

White Swan

white swan maskThere’s no doubt that a white swan-inspired mask is pretty marvellous. Therefore, you can choose a white fantasy Venetian mask that features white feathers and crystals. Mix it with a white leotard, as well as with a sheer skirt and you’ll look amazing. If you want to adopt a mythical approach, then you should choose a pearlescent metallic dress or top and be a stunning Snow Queen. Opt for a beautiful mask that has authentic features and you can be sure that you’ll turn heads!

Fetish masquerade masks

fetish mask

Fetish is a big fashion trend, and it is an excellent idea when it comes to Halloween costumes. Choose a black feather and lace mask and a glittery long gown and you’ll obtain a spectacular masquerade look. Likewise, you can try a black bodysuit, fishnet stockings, leather belt and high boots. The mask will provide a more spectacular effect if you combine it with a black silk robe. And make sure your mask features a sparkling crystal if you want to capture everyone’s attention.


People love leopards, don’t they? Put on a leopard mask and opt for an all-black outfit and leopard loafers. The mask should feature whiskers, since they will make it seem more real. Besides, you can also go for a leopard top and sexy black jeans or for a lovely leopard mini dress. Don’t forget to purchase a leopard tail for a deeper cat effect.

Venetian Influences

Venetian masks are very dramatic, and they are your best bet when it comes to masquerade balls. For example, you can opt for a gold mask that is adorned with red and black feathers, as well as with a red crystal. Combine it with a gold, red or black long dress.


Go futuristic and choose a silver, mirrored mask made of multiple pieces of glass! Mix it with skin-tight metallic leggings, as well as with a white or silver bodysuit. If you want to go for a more creative alternative, don’t hesitate to use silver body paint. The pieces of glass that form the mask should have various sizes. This will generate a really interesting effect!

Cleopatra masks

All women want to look like Cleopatra, since she is seen as a symbol of beauty and power. The good news is that now you have the possibility to do it! Opt for a Cleopatra mask, as well as for a beautiful Grecian-inspired dress.  Make sure the main colours featured by your mask are black, blue, gold and red so that you can obtain an authentic look. And wear as many bangles as possible.

Marie Antoinette

In case you want to opt for a nice vintage look, choose a mask that portrays Marie Antoinette. Put on a lacy Victorian-inspired blouse and a maxi skirt and no one will guess your real identity.


Butterflies are delicate and beautiful insects and they are a great option for a Halloween mask. Try a black-and-blue leather butterfly mask. Purchase matching wings and choose a simple outfit that can provide a nice butterfly look.


If you don’t want to be a fierce leopard, you can be a zebra! Animal masks are really funny, so you should definitely consider them. Go for a black-and-white Zebra rubber mask that covers your whole face and head, mix it with a small zebra tail and you’re ready to attend the party! Choose a mask that features eyes, ears, nose, mouth and some black fur between the ears and up the neck for maximum effect.

Phantom of the Opera

phantom mask

The Phantom of the Opera Mask provides you with the look of the legendary opera house villain that had the voice of an angel and the appearance of a cadaver. Choose a white moulded plastic mask that is contoured to your features, combine it with a black cape and enjoy the masquerade ball!

Whatever masquerade mask you opt from, don’t forget to have fun this Halloween. Whether you’re attending a fancy party or you’re preparing to go treat-or-treating, the goal is to make the celebration memorable. Choose to be unforgettable and opt for the most audacious, scary, opulent, impressive, and ultimately, beautifully-crafted mask.


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