Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts This Christmas

Now it’s getting to that time of year where everywhere you go more and more Christmas gifts, decorations and cards are popping up screaming “CHRISTMAS” in your face, to the point where it is getting hard to avoid. All the late night shopping trips to come, endless browsing on the internet and asking for ideas will be giving you a headache; let alone all the card writing and present wrapping. So why don’t you try something different this year? Something outside of the box and creative that will add a little sparkle to your presents this Christmas; these few gift wrapping ideas will pull out your creative side and have you feeling like Santa’s Elves this Christmas.

Tea Towels

Tea towels are a great way to wrap bottles, small gifts and kitchen utensils for friends or family, whilst of course being a gift in tea towel wrappingitself! Tea towels are ideal for wrapping up the bottle of wine for mum, or the bottle of Whisky for Grandad, it’s quick and easy to wrap and looks great too.


  1.        Lay the tea towel out flat on the table and stand the bottle directly in the centre.
  2.        Lift up the corners to the top of the bottle and pinch with one hand.
  3.        With the remaining material, also pull it up to the top, where the material should now be loose.
  4.        (You may need a partner to help here) Get some material, ribbon or string and tie a bow around the bottle neck and let go.

There you go; an easy way to wrap bottles without the hassle of wrapping paper, finding the start of the Sellotape and getting paper cuts this holiday; whilst providing two gifts in one.

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Baby Blankets

So you’ve bought gone out and bought a really cute keepsake present for a baby in the family, but you don’t want to use the generic wrapping paper that you use for everyone else. Why not try a baby blanket? A white blanket is ideal for wrapping, along with a coloured ribbon of your choice that can match the baby’s gender for added decoration.


  1.        Lay the blanket out on a flat surface (a spacious floor is probably the best option) and place the gift in the centre of the blanket.
  2.        Lift each corner simultaneously and lay them across each other. If the material folds round the front of the gift then fold the edges back so they are hidden away.
  3.        Forming the bow: Place the ribbon flat on the floor and lay the front of the gift directly in the middle.
  4.        Now pull the ends towards each other so they cross in the middle and then pull in opposite directions to the outer side of the gift where a small tie in the ribbon has been made.
  5.        Flip the present over and tie a bow in the middle.

There you go, perfect for any baby you are buying a gift for, and they also get the blanket as well; helping the parents with added extras for their siblings.

Brown Paper Wrap

Now this is a great idea to personalise gifts for friends or relatives and gives a very authentic look if black and white photos and brown paper gift wrappingbrown paper is used.  Brown paper is really cheap to buy online, your best bet is to try eBay or find a packaging company that sells it for next to nothing. Collect some memories in the form of photos and get them printed out in your local Boots (and some Blu-tack is essential if you want to keep the pictures) as well as some string to make an effective bow on the gift.


  1.        Simply wrap the presents in a normal manner, using Sellotape to stick the edges down firmly.
  2.        Stick some Blu-tack on the back of the photo and stick the photo on the front of the gift (it works better for a solid present).
  3.        Tie a bow around the gift as explained in the last idea.

There you have it, personalised presents without name tags, but pictures to signify who it is for this Christmas. (Another quick tip: buy a photo album that you can store all the pictures in afterwards.)

All of these gift wrapping ideas are all a doddle and I hope it has sparked some inspiration to seek out your creative side this Christmas. Dedicating that extra time to creating personalised and special gift decorations will create a magical day this Christmas. Good luck!

Jordan works alongside MiaFleur and loves crafting and creating personalised gifts for friends and family.

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