Decorating A Child’s Bedroom


Shopping for a Child’s Bedroom

I love shopping for kids; The accessories, toys and decorations for their rooms are amazing and the look on their faces when the room is finished is brilliant! Here are some of my favourite items to shop for when decorating a child’s bedroom, which can transform a bedroom and create a fantastic retreat that your child will love to play in!

Transform a Wall with a Mural

Painting and wallpapering are great ways to decorate a room and create a comfortable and inviting environment. My favourite item though to add some colour and interest to a bedroom wall is via a mural. There are a number of ways you can do this: Buy a ready-made mural that is pasted onto the wall or you can get creative and paint your own!

Walltastic are my favourite murals; The range is fantastic and they also sell a number of designs based on favourite TV shows such as Dora the Explorer, Transformers, In the Night Garden and Postman Pat.

You can pick up wall murals from DIY stores or online, you can see some of the available designs CoverYourWall but there are a number of outlets available.

children's wall mural ideas

Transform the Ceiling

I am a big fan of the projectors which transform a darkened room into the night sky! These star projectors can act as a night light and create fantastic sparkling scenery across the ceiling.

Checking the John Lewis site they have a star projector that also doubles as a musical lullaby that plays soft music as your child falls asleep. A really cute product that will not take up much space in a bedroom and creates a wonderful effect.

Get Doodling

Kids love to draw and one brilliant idea I have seen used in bedrooms and nurseries is using chalkboard paint to create a feature wall that kids can doodle and draw on without risk to damaging wallpaper or traditional painted surfaces. You can pick up chalkboard paint online or in DIY stores, a quick Google shows a number of retailers. An alternative to a chalkboard is buying some giant posters for your kids to colour that can then be hung on the wall – displaying the artwork will help them take pride in their work!

Doodlebugz have a really awesome selection of giant colouring posters in a range of designs and you can order these online. They’re massive so not only do they provide hours of amusement but they will provide some great works of art for the bedroom wall!



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