Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs: A Beginner’s Guide


evergreen shrubsIf you are new to the world of botany or have just acquired a home with a garden and are looking into how you can invigorate it, then it can be a daunting time. With hundreds of thousands of plant and shrub species in the world, it can be difficult to decide exactly what you want and need for your outside living space. Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs are hardy little numbers which will grow either in the ground or in containers and plant pots.



12 Months a Year

Perhaps the most advantageous quality of dwarf evergreen shrubs is that they last all year long and add a range of colours to the garden. The addition of these shrubs can often add a lot of character to outdoors spaces whether they are planted or placed into containers.


Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs grow in plethora of different forms, most notable the upright, pyramidal, round and mounting. This means that no matter what style the garden or living space in question – there will be the perfect shrub type available. Growth habit, foliage and colour can all be tailored in order to ensure that the dwarf evergreen shrub complements the garden beautifully.

Popular Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs

Amongst the most popular dwarf evergreen shrubs are the dwarf needled evergreen and the dwarf broadleaf evergreen. The main advantage of the former is that it keeps its shape without needing any pruning or maintenance. The ‘Little Giant’ is perhaps the most popular example of this type of shrub due to its attractive medium green foliage. The broadleaf shrub is more prevalent amongst gardeners looking for more pronounced leaves. These are more suited to living in plant pots or containers and have distinctive yellow-green foliage. The ‘Green Gem’ broadleaf evergreen can be found all over the USA and the UK as it thrives in areas with either full sun or partial shade – perfect for the erratic British weather.


The last thing for gardeners to bear in mind when it comes to their dwarf evergreen shrub is how they are going to house it. Choosing the perfect container is fundamental to the growth of any shrub and a choice of terracotta, brick, concrete or wood are usually available from good garden stores.

A great range of dwarf evergreen shrubs is available all year round due to their resilience, so budding gardeners can take advantage immediately.

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