Easy-to-Make Holiday Crafts

The winter is the perfect time to make holiday crafts. Moreover, they make great gifts for your family and friends. Below are two easy-to-make holiday crafts that anyone can create:

Clay ornaments made of bread dough:

Bread clay ornaments have been around for generations due to fact that they are inexpensive and easy to make.


  • · Five pieces of white bread with the crusts removed.
  • · 1-tablespoon white craft glue.
  • · Rolling pin.
  • · Cooling rack.
  • · Cookie cutters in ornament shapes.
  • · Bowl.
  • · Cooking spray.
  • · String or ribbon.
  • · Glitter glue and paint.
  • · Toothpicks.


1. Tear pieces of bread into small pieces then place into a bowl.

2. Spray tablespoon with cooking spray so the glue will slide out.

3. Add the tablespoon of glue to the bread in the bowl.

4. When glue and bread are thoroughly mixed, roll out the dough with a rolling-pin.

5. After rolling the dough out, cut the dough using a cookie cutter.

6. Set ornament shaped dough on a cooling rack.

7. Insert a toothpick at the top of each dough ornament. This keeps a place opened for you to hang your ornament. Allow dough to dry overnight.

8. Decorate the ornaments any way you like. Glitter glue or paint is often used. However, you can also use markers.

9. Tie a piece of string or ribbon through the hole to create the hanger.

Coffee filter angel:

This makes a wonderful decoration for your tree or anywhere in the home. It also serves as a great teacher gift.


  • · Two cotton balls.
  • · Three coffee filters of the basket variety.
  • · One gold chenille stem.
  • · One white chenille stem.
  • · Hot glue gun.
  • · Scissors.


1. In the center of one of the coffee filters, place two cotton balls.

2. As you hold onto the coffee filter, gather the filter to create the angel’s head using the cotton balls.

3. Place a second coffee filter into the open end. Do this by tucking the filter up into the head area. This produces the layered effect of the angel’s dress.

4. To make the angel’s wings, take the third coffee filter and fold in half then fold up length-wise in an accordion fashion. Using a white chenille stem, wrap the center, and then spread the wings out. This produces a fan like effect. Fold any excess chenille into a loop shape to create a hanger.

5. Use the gold chenille to make the halo. Do this by creating a circle and twisting the ends.

6. Hot glue the halo onto the back of the angel.

7. Glue the wings in place on the angel’s back. This hides the chenille from the halo.

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  1. I’ve never heard of bread dough, can’t wait to try this out!

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