Ethnic looking Signet Rings: A cultural add-on to your style

Signet rings have been around for several centuries, and they’re popular all over the world. In the past, signet rings were considered to be the symbol of victory, meaning that only successful generals had the right to wear them. If you’re wondering where signet rings were first used, the answer probably lies in Greece. Legends say that Prometheus was bound to a rock using an iron signet ring. This type of jewelry started to be diversified during the Imperial Age, when a wide array of models was created. Most of them featured Egyptian, Etruscan, Oriental or Greek influence, which means that they were different from an empire to another.

People have always loved opulence, so you shouldn’t be surprised by the size of these signet rings, which can be quite massive. This tendency is also present in the past, and history tells us that certain rings were so heavy that wearing them was impossible.  Over time, they were also given a symbolic meaning. Believe it or not, the Romans took signet rings out from the fingers of people who were dying.

Nowadays, everything’s different. They are no longer seen as a symbol of victory, but rather as symbols of elegance and extravagance. Nothing compares to wearing a signet ring at an important event, where guests can admire it and ask about its history. What most people don’t know is that the signet rings they wear can also carry a cultural meaning. The fact that they can be engraved gives you the freedom to provide your signet ring with whatever symbol or initial you want. Those who believe in God can engrave a cross; Jews can engrave their symbol also known as the Star of David, while most Islamic signet rings can have the moon and star emblem engraved.

Your style is unique and can be adjusted according to your preferences. Signet rings are definitely a good choice if you like wearing unique items, so take a look at the following ethnic signet rings ideas and let your imagination run wild.

Arabic-inspired Signet Rings

arabic signet ring

Arabic peoples are very proud of their origin, so they will definitely do their best to display their ethnicity on signet rings. The designs featured on Arabic-inspired Signet Rings are very pleasing, and they usually consist of different symbols and Arabic letters that are hard to decipher by those who know nothing about this culture. Arabic signet rings are mysterious and elegant at the same time. If you want to make an impression, this type of signet ring is exactly what you need. Don’t be afraid to show your ethnicity, since this is one of the most unique methods to prove that you’re proud of your origin.

Egyptian-inspired Signet Rings

egyptian signet ring

Egyptian signet rings are very appealing because of their unique hieroglyphs and beautiful symbols. This culture is one of the oldest in the world, so if you’re Egyptian, you definitely have enough reasons to be proud.  Nowadays, Egyptian-inspired signet rings are worn even by people who aren’t from Egypt, since their beauty is out-of-this-world. Don’t be afraid to show off your Egyptian signet ring, especially if you were born in this beautiful and charming country. Being proud of your country is a great characteristic, so you should really try to develop it.

Customize your Signet Rings

signet ring

It doesn’t matter whether your country is known for its symbols or not, as you can still display your patriotism on your signet ring. The Greeks can engrave one of their alphabet letters, while the Spaniards and Italians can let their imagination run wild and think of their most appreciated tourist attractions. If you see a person wearing a signet ring engraved with the Tour of Pisa, you will immediately figure out that he/she is Italian. There’s no rule when it comes to signet rings, and no one will judge you according to what you’ve engraved on them.

Let your imagination run wild and prove that you come from a country known for its amazing culture by engraving something cultural-specific on your signet ring. This way, people will learn something about your ethnicity and you will get the chance to talk about the beauty of your birth place.

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