Exclusive Playhouses – Adorable Tots

Exclusive Playhouses – Adorable Tots.

The range of bespoke children’s playhouses from Adorable Tots is simply breathtaking. Beautifully crafted design for the luckiest of little ones!

Designed and built to ensure longevity and low maintenance, the houses will become a family heirloom, coveted down through the generations.  Each house is hand made by talented craftsmen. It is then delivered and assembled in a single day. It is recommended that the house is set on a concrete base, which will need to be down a couple of weeks before the house can be set upon it.

  They can provide a bespoke service visiting you to discuss and understand your personal requirements & expectations. There is no limit to what we can achieve and include in your design to ensure both you and your children or grandchildren get the maximum enjoyment from this truely delightful piece of magic. amazing playhouse designs

These delightful and exclusive playhouses are hand-crafted and include details such as hardwood floors, bay windows, and wooden shutters. Adorable Tots can create any look that you can imagine, from a fairytale château to a miniature replica of your own home! Designs range from cozy cottages to rugged forts and tree houses.

With the ability to build your playhouse on site, anywhere in the UK, these meticulously designed works of art enhance any home’s exterior!

Ceiling heights average eight feet, allowing adults to stand comfortably inside. Not to be overlooked are the basic amenities any home must have: running water and indoor/outdoor lighting. As an added safety feature, a wireless communication hook-up to the main house can be installed. With all the charm of small-scale appeal and the accommodations of a full-scale home, these little houses can house a kitchen, sunroom, bedroom and media room just to begin with! Architectural spaces such as a sitting room and upstairs “loft” bedroom create the feel of a real house.

These playhouses truly are unique, and totally adorable! You may well need to take out a mortgage on the build though, nothing like coming back to reality with a big bump is there?!


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