Fashionable Fancy Dressing This Halloween

 Want to dress to impress this October 31?


halloween makeup ideasWell, have a look at these hints and tips and see if they give you some ideas on how to scare the pants off your friends and family members, while staying up to the minute fashion-wise.

Just because it is Halloween and you’re heading to a fancy dress party does not mean that you have to dust the cobwebs off that old witch costume in the wardrobe and pick up the kitchen broom as you’re heading out of the door.

There’s no harm in thinking outside the box a little bit – Halloween costumes don’t necessarily need to be scary! No doubt you’ll probably be surprised by just how far you can take the Halloween theme.


It’s all about the make-up

halloween makeup ideas

Best known as a model and actress, Heidi Klum hit the headlines last Halloween by dressing up as a corpse. She spent most of the day having her entire body spray-painted with make-up to show blood, veins, bones and rotten teeth! While you might not want to go to this amount of trouble, there are many ways that you can use make-up to ensure your costume really comes to life. From simple skeleton designs to ornate patterns, you’re only limited by your imagination – and perhaps the skill of the person with the make-up brush!


Give traditional a dangerous edge


witches hat and broomIf you feel more comfortable going with a tried and tested witches outfit, then why not take it a step further. Find a themed black vest top, perhaps something with stars and moons on, it to give you that real Hocus Pocus look. A sequin style would be perfect. Team it with a pair of leather trousers and then perhaps some high, killer heels to really finish off the look. Alternatively, opt for a leather skirt and perhaps a pair of chunky Doc Martins. You might not come across as a tradition weaver of magic, but you’ll certainly bewitch a few people.



Far from a paw effort

Getting dressed up as a black cat for Halloween might well have been done before, but by adding your unique touch to the costume, you can ensure that your outfit goes down a storm. If you’re brave enough, consider going all out and showing off your curves with a full PVC body suit. Compliment it with a jewelled mask and then finish off the outfit with some ultra-stylish high heels. 


Don’t forget the other 364 days

Just because Halloween only lasts for one day does not mean that your costume should be left to get dusty at the back of your wardrobe for the rest of the year. These days, novelty costumes are just as suitable for Halloween as scary ones, so why not try and come up with an outfit that incorporates items of clothing that you’ll be keen to wear all year round – it certainly makes sense from a financial point of view. Think sparkly platforms or luxurious high heels if you’re dressing up as a fairytale character, or perhaps a slinky black dress if you want to catch someone’s eye. And don’t forget accessories – a black bag can be perfect as part of a Halloween costume, but will also see you through many other social occasions too.

Halloween Makeup




This post was contributed by Janice Lincoln a freelance writer about women’s fashion clothing like party dresses.

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