Get Motivated – Home Improvement Shows That Inspire

Every so often you just want to make a change, but when that change is to your home it can be challenging to find the right inspiration. Thankfully, TV has the answer. Below is a list of five of the top must-see home improvement and renovation shows if you’re looking to unleash your inner Martha Stewart or Bob Villa. Turning on and tuning in to any of these series is sure to help you tap in to your creativity and get you motivated to turn your house into your dream home.

design on a dimeDesign on a Dime

Probably the best thing about this HGTV show is that it makes an envy-inducing home redesign accessible to everyone. Working with a budget of just $1,000, the design team on “Design on a Dime” shares creative, practical and (best of all) frugal ideas to transform any room in your home without the necessity of a second mortgage. From learning how to scour Etsy for decorating inspiration to embracing the possibilities inherent in the magical combination of sandpaper, primer and paint – these money-savvy designers will have you ready to leap of the couch and start transforming your same, old living spaces into chic, new environments that you’ll love to show off.

Renovation Nation

This is your typical home remodeling show with a twist – a green twist. Host Steve Thomas, of “This Old House” brings his passion for sustainability and eco-friendly building to home renovation projects in “Renovation Nation.” Using terms like “greenovated,” this information-packed show makes going green easier than you might think. For homeowners who are environmentally conscious this is the perfect show to inspire you to take on the latest trends and innovations in green home building and will leave you itching to greenovate your current abode. Check this show out online at 

This Old Housethis old house

Inspiring homeowners to reinvent their houses for the past 33 years, “This Old House” is a PBS staple that brings out the DIY in even the most skittish homeowner. Offering home improvement advice, remodeling how-tos, upgrade ideas and step-by-step restoration guidance this PBS phenom has become an empire of remodeling expertise and inspiration. And these passionate home improvement gurus give you almost unlimited ways to turn on your inner home renovator – from their three TV shows, magazine and extremely informative website; it’s easy to see why “This Old House” remains the gold standard when it comes to home improvement.

Bang for Your Buck

This show, airing on HGTV, aims to please both your home improvement instincts and your bank balance. It can be difficult to know what type of renovation or upgrade will actually add value to your home. That’s where “Bang for Your Buck” comes in – to save the day when it comes to selecting the most beautiful home improvement project that will also be a strategic investment in your property.  Each episode follows three homeowners from the same city as they each undertake renovations in the same room of their home and with the same budget. At the end of the show, experts let each homeowner know the value of their home after the renovation, revealing which remodeling choices were the best investments.

Color Splashcolor splash designs

If you’ve been waiting for the right inspiration to change your living room or kitchen from drab to fab, then “Color Splash” is sure to get your creative juices flowing. This HGTV show centers on the power of color to transform a room’s mood, energy and overall wow-factor. And it doesn’t necessarily come down to paint. Host David Bromstad, the first HGTV “Design Star” winner, shows homeowners how to use pillows, a vase, a lampshade or even brightly-hued books to take any room from boring and blah to beautiful.

What is your favorite home improvement show?

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