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old photosThe number of digital cameras sold in 2013 is expected to drop by over four percent to a little more than 115 million cameras that are heading to new homes. According to BusinessWeek, these numbers indicate a reduction of all the digital SLRs sold, but do not indicate that there is a decline in the public’s fascination with photography.

In fact, there is a major increase in photos that are being snapped. They are just being snapped by 32 percent more smartphones with over 146 million new phones in the pockets of budding photographers. They are not just selfies either.

A majority of the family photos shot by camera and cellphone owners end up being shared on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram where they literally scroll past users and followers at a rapid pace. Maybe, those photos will never be seen again. Those photos may lose their audience, and the memories associated with them will fade with time.

Unlike the days of large family photo albums, the photos of today slip away into cloud storage where they may spend eternity floating meaninglessly. It does not need to be this way.

While most photographers do not print their digital images and paste them into an album to sit on a shelf, they can bring their photos back to life by creating a digital photo book for friends and relatives.

The ease of which you can now create a digital photo book makes these the perfect gift for any family member.

The first birthday is always a cause for celebration, but when you can capture the thrill and delight of a child as they open their first presents, you have a lasting memory. Since your photos are not limited to how many exposures are on a roll, you can be sure that you capture the right giggle or face filled with icing. Not only will the family enjoy reliving that moment, but when the little one gets older, they can share the moment with their family.

It is not just first birthdays or first holidays, it is the entire life filled with memories that can be captured into photo books.

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The photo book is a perfect way to create a wedding album from the guest’s perspective. Most wedding planners include a photographer that offers a digital photo book as part of their print package. While those photos are usually beautifully staged and executed, there are candid shots that can only be captured by family and friends. An enterprising mother of the bride or groom could easily have the attendees send her photos taken from many perspectives that can be compiled into a photo book for a more candid look at the wedding. This book may be the one the couple enjoys most because it is the one filled with family and friends. While large professionally done photos are wonderful, the photos portraying the warmth of family and friends are the ones that will be shared the most.

Since families are scattered in a mobile society, when they can come together for an anniversary, picnic or significant birthday, there should be someone who is taking photos to preserve the memories. The use of digital photography makes it easy to keep shooting as the events unfold. Grandma turned 100 years old, and all the family got together to give her a big birthday party at her favorite restaurant. This moment cannot be repeated, and all those who are in attendance have contributed to grandma’s life. You can take all her photos and memories of her lifetime and put them into a photo book to give to her at her birthday party. It is easy to scan images and get reel movies translated into digital format. A gift of images that spans her lifetime will be cherished by both her and her family.

When the camera shutter snaps, another memory is preserved. What happens to the memory is up to you.


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