How To Deal With Summer Flash Rainstorms

The summer will soon be with us; at least, it will be in terms of dates on the calendar.  It is doubtful if the weather will actually resemble summer at all, as is invariably the case in many countries around the world.

When the weather does brighten up and we bask in brilliant heat, there is still a sense of devil in the air. How often have you been at a concert, an outdoor shopping mall, or another exposed venue, only for the blue skies to turn to instant rainstorms that last no longer than 10 minutes, soaking everyone to the bone before disappearing and making way for bright sunshine once more?

This brings us to one of the huge conundrums of summer style. How can we dress ourselves to look great when we know the weather can turn in an instant?

Rule #1

The first thing you have to do is forget about being a hostage to the weather. You can’t possibly go out wearing a parka jacket or wellington boots on a hot day, unless you’re trying to make some kind of weird fashion statement or want to look like you’re something of an oddball.

If you have summer weather, then embrace it while you have the chance.

When the rain hits, the logical solution is to go indoors. However, this is not always possible, and even when there is somewhere to seek solace from the storm, chances are you’ll resemble a drowned rat by the time you get inside anyway.

Under Your Umbrellasummer

Should you carry an umbrella in the summer? The truth is it’s down to you, although any decent umbrella that is going to keep you completely dry is likely to be a burden to carry around anyway. Everyone knows that compact umbrellas are little more than a token gesture, and are good for keeping your hair in place, but little else.

If you’re a fan of Rihanna, you might want to delete the song Umbrella from your iPod, too, if you’re superstitious about avoiding the rain in the summer. It famously rained for weeks in the United Kingdom, as well as in New Zealand and Romania, following the song reaching number one.

Fold Up Jackets: Your Best Option

By far your best option for keeping yourself as dry as possible from head to toe is a thin rain jacket that you can fold up and put in your bag when not using. These are much better than the rain ponchos we regularly see, although to be fair, you can find some weird and wacky designs that are great fun.

The full-length folding raincoat, however, is perfect for everyone from festivalgoers to professional individuals. Those wearing long dresses or garments such as abaya cloaks will probably enjoy the most benefits, seeing that they have greater potential for feeling uncomfortable should their whole attire receive a soaking.

You should also consider buying a stylish rain mac for days that aren’t too hot that a coat will look out of place, but if you want the quick and easy option without spending a fortune, the fold up option is the way to go.

Keeping Dry during Summer Storms

It is inevitable that, at some point, the summer will turn into a blitzkrieg of heavy rainfall, if only for a matter of minutes. Prepare yourself with a foldup raincoat, and you’re certain to be one-step ahead of the weather.


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Aisha is a fashion consultant who is passionate about functional yet desirable style. While she admits that a rain poncho or folding raincoat is never going to become a staple of any wardrobe, she strongly believes they should be an essential component of any summer handbag.

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