How To Wrap Presents With Panache

Panache is a noun meaning “flamboyant confidence,” and just about anything can be done with panache of style. From fashion wardrobes to party themes, the right dose of panache can make everything more exciting, more colorful, and more fun. When it comes to gift giving, the extravagance of the wrapping can be just as enticing as the present itself. Exorbitant wrapping can make any mundane present seem elegant and expensive.

 Whether you’re giving a birthday present, a holiday present, or bringing a present for your hosts, wrapping it with panache is a great way to put your mark on it and make the person receiving the gift feel special. Here are some excellent gift wrapping ideas for you to try.

 Gift Inside a Gift

Opening a present is so much fun, but you usually only get to do it once per gift. If you really want to put a smile on someone’s face, do several layers of wrapping. If you have a small jewelry box for a present, for example, wrap that box, and then place it inside a larger box. Wrap the larger box, and put it inside an even larger box. The more layers you add, the more fun it is to open. Be sure to tie a ribbon to each layer of the package. It gives it even more character, too, if you wrap each layer differently, such as with a different wrapping paper.

 Fresh Flowers

Most people put a finishing touch on the gifts they wrap by placing a bow on top of the box. Bows are great, but you can “think outside the box”  for an even more memorable embellishment. A small arrangement of fresh flowers, such as a corsage, for example, will really brighten up the gift. For a larger box, try placing one long-stemmed rose on top and holding it in place with a ribbon, and whoever is receiving the gift will also get a beautiful flower or two to put in a vase.

 Creative Containers

Most presents are inside of a box that’s wrapped with wrapping paper, or they’re placed inside of a gift bag with tissue paper. If you really want to add some style, however, try a different container for the gift you’re giving. You could do something as simple as decorating a basket with plenty of ribbon. You could also use something that goes along with your gift; for example, place kitchen utensils inside of an oven mitt, or wrap a baby shower gift with a baby blanket.

 Money Wrap

If you want to give money as a gift, try using it as wrapping paper itself. Get a very small box, and place a small card inside of it, or a small gift if you prefer. Then, wrap the outside of the box with the money you want to give. You can use smaller denominations if you want to cover more space. Just be sure to tell whoever is getting the gift not to rip this wrapping paper!

Stacey Margaret is a mother of 5 and veteran gift wrapper who loves to blog about everything from finding great gifts for your kids to managing time as a stay at home mom.

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