Ideas For Personalised Baby Gifts

Parents are often bombarded with gifts upon the arrival of a newborn baby. Making sure that your gift stands out and is treasured rather than thrown out after a couple of weeks isn’t difficult if you put a little bit of thought into your gift and add a personal touch which will help create an immediate emotional connection between the baby and your gift.

Personalised Door Signs

A door sign is a great first choice. Regardless of whether they’re sleeping in their own room yet, it is likely the baby will have their own room ready, and a welcoming sign with their name on it will make the whole family feel like the baby has a place in the home. Choosing a sign with animals on will work for girls or boys and animal names and noises are some of the first things young children learn, so they are bound to love it.

Photo Frames

Parents love to display pictures of their children throughout their home, so a photo frame is an obvious choice for a gift. As well as simply having the name of the baby engraved on the frame you could add ‘with mummy and daddy’ or ‘with his big sister Sarah’ to help make the gift one for all the family to cherish. If you have the perfect picture of the baby yourself feel free to include it for an extra personal touch. To make it extra special, you could opt for a solid silver photo frame.

Cute Clothing

Baby clothes are some of the most commonly bought gifts, so personalising these can really help them to stick out. Everything can be personalised – shoes, hats, t-shirts, shorts or anything else that a baby might wear, but do remember that babies grow very quickly. If you want something that lasts a bit longer blankets and bibs could be a better choice.

Put Some Thought Into It

Almost anything can be personalised these days, and at very little cost. For something so cheap and easy to do, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t help make your gift more personal – and it’s not just the baby’s name that will make a gift more personal. The date and time of the birth, or perhaps where they were born all helps make the gift much more than something that has been mass produced, but instead belongs exclusively to them.

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Thanks to Jim from Edinburgh Silver for this post. Jim is a baby gift specialist and contributes to a number of gifts blogs.

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