Interesting Gifts To Give Children For Their Birthday

Finding a gift that means something is challenging, especially when looking for a kid. Between short attention spans and the need to own everything trendy, children make for some tough birthday shopping. Instead of racking your brain this year and still ending up with the same old, boring present, you need to think outside the box. Distinctive, interesting and custom made, such as personalized kids’ books, is the way to go.

Go See the Show

Every kid has at least one show that is always playing. Instead of buying the usual DVD or video game from last season, how about something live. More and more characters are stepping off the screen and hitting the stage as theater acts, musical reviews, ice skating events or even just a live filming. From Big Bird to The Lion King, find out what kids show is coming to your town and bestow tickets upon a favorite little one. It will be a birthday he or she will never forget.

U.S. Savings Bonds

A savings bond is a failsafe gift that parents and children both love. It might not be something a child will appreciate at first, but when it comes time to cash it out, you can expect a big thank you. Bonds are also easy to get in paper or digital format. Ask at your local bank about making a purchase or go online to the U.S. Treasury Department website. You will need the child’s full name and preferably his or her social security number. In a bind, you could use your own SS number or one from a parent.

Personalized Kids Books

Reading is something kids learn to love early in life. It is a passion that many with carry with them as they grow into adulthood. You can be part of making that happen by giving a personalized book to your birthday boy or girl. A custom story takes your child’s name and makes it part of the tale. Take a birthday adventure with a favorite storybook character or create one around one extraordinary child. Build a party around the book while you are ordering custom items. No matter what the journey, every child will feel special seeing his or her name in print.

Kids have one day a year that belongs just to them. You can make it truly unique by picking the right gift. It is not an easy task, but it is a critical one. Whether you are the best mom in the world or a favorite uncle, gift giving always means more when the recipient is still small. Look for a present that says “I think you are perfect.”

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