Obvious Winter Gifts And Why They’re Ace!

Autumn is underway and before too long winter will be rapping on your door with frost tipped knobbly knuckles. This metaphor might be bleak, but it can be countered with jovial retail action. Yes, it’s about time you prepped for artic conditions in an urban setting. Even better, kit out your pals too… winter is coming!


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Forget fashion and think warmth and colour. We’re combating the bleak here and that means rainbows and bobbles that resemble the sun! If you’re swift with needles and wool knit them yourself for that personal touch. Potentially you could knit a hat for each of your pals and create a team awesome bobble hat wearing heroes!


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Notice the title. Mittens not gloves! Gloves are far too practical and don’t imbue the wearer with the sense of delight mittens undoubtedly do. If your intended recipient is a captain practical and this can’t be ignored opt for mittens with a Velcro fitted fold over the fingers. This is the best of both worlds as simple tasks reliant on digit independence can be performed, while cold can be repelled with a simple fold and stick motion. There’s an added bonus too that in the folded back position the mitten flaps will flop about humorously.


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The saviour of the stumped gift buyer the world over is without doubt a must for combatting the winter blues. Not only are they the most efficient of garments for excluding drafts about the neck region but they can represent personality. Essentially a square piece of cloth, the colour, pattern, design and the way it’s tied can all say something splendid about the wearer.


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Snow might be sparse at best, so it’s important to be ready. You don’t want to be reduced to a dustbin lid or tea tray come the overnight blizzard. Purchasing a sled for someone might also be a significant moment. Anyone who has watched Citizen Kane will know the importance of such things…

Hand Warmer

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Chilly hands are the bane of many an individual’s winter existence and if the mittens haven’t worked there is another option. Slip a hand warmer in their pocket. These bad boys keep the hands of even those with the poorest of circulation cosy. Available in all manner of shapes, sizes and themes these can match even the most avant-garde of personalities. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a warm pocket?


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