Tips on Choosing Girl’s Gifts

girls jewellery

Life is wonderful and what makes it more amazing is the value other people add onto our lives. One of the ways to show that you love and value another person is through gifts especially during the special occasions. Girls love gifts even when there is no particular thing going on in their lives. The […]


What Do You Get For The Man Who Has Everything?


As a young child the mysterious world of men was beyond my comprehension. However, I was too busy climbing trees and watching movies to spare any time contemplating grown-up life. Every year when Father’s day came around, I relied on the trusted default option – a nice pair of socks. However, one year I asked […]


The Rise of the Great British Barbour


J. Barbour and Sons Ltd were founded by John Barbour in 1894 in South Shields as a company who imported seemingly unwanted oil cloth from around Europe. They became well known locally for their waxed jackets and other outdoor clothing, to such an extent that all clothing of this nature in the area was referred […]


Mens Leather Boots: What You Need to Know


If you are gentleman who likes to look the part then there is no doubt that you will have at least looked into purchasing a set of quality mens leather boots before now. The right kind of leather boot can complement a range of looks and styles superbly, especially if mens boots of the highest […]


What To Wear Music Festivals

music festival

Who doesn’t love festivals? Who doesn’t love festival clothing?! Music festivals are all about pure enjoyment with your friends as you see your favourite bands. You want to be dressed cool but still comfortable; you are going to be mobile after all. Don’t let this limit your imagination. The following article lists must haves for […]


A Crafter’s Nightmare; How To Keep Your Craft Stuff Organized

craft materials

If you’re an avid crafter, you have a large variety of items that you use to craft. It’s also likely that you have all of these items thrown randomly into boxes or scattered across a table. In order to be a better crafter, you want to make sure that you organize all of your craft […]


Prom Dress Shopping Tips


With prom season fast approaching it is now time to make your way out to the assortment of different dress stores and shop around to find the very best dress for you. Of course, you don’t want to just find something on the rack and simply purchase it and go from there. Instead, you need […]


Just What I Never Knew I Wanted: Unusual Birthday Gifts

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Maybe you are the type of person who likes to make an impression or someone you love has a birthday coming up and you can’t think of what to get her. Or perhaps you have lots of ideas, but the recipient is the type of person who “already has everything.” Whatever the case, you seem […]


Nicole Lee Purses Add Zest To Your Everyday Look

nicole lee tote

They say that women can never have too many shoes. The same goes for bags or purses. In fact, many women live by the principle that her shoes and bag must match every outfit1 For instance; red stiletto shoes will make an even more striking impression with a red clutch purse. But of course, both […]


What Are The Best Gifts To Buy For Your Man?

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It is one of life’s great ironies; men spend a lot of time around special occasions fretting over what they are going to buy for their women, but little do they realise that the reverse is also true.  Contrary to the popular and misguided belief, women also find it a challenge to buy suitable gifts, […]


How To Accessorize With Islamic Clothing


These days, traditional Islamic clothing is being redesigned to look more stylish and traditional clothing covering a person’s body from head to toe. Muslim women need to dress this way as part of the culture and to follow the modest guidelines for dressing. There are now more and more garments that are being added allowing […]


Interesting Gifts To Give Children For Their Birthday

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Finding a gift that means something is challenging, especially when looking for a kid. Between short attention spans and the need to own everything trendy, children make for some tough birthday shopping. Instead of racking your brain this year and still ending up with the same old, boring present, you need to think outside the […]


10 Great Birthday Gift Ideas Every 10 Year Old Would Love!

Is a child that you know turning 10 years old and you are stumped for a gift idea? Times have changed since we were kids, and there is an unbelievable selection of potential gifts available for children of all ages. Most kids like most toys actually, and with the majority of kids it doesn’t take […]


Ideas For Personalised Baby Gifts

Parents are often bombarded with gifts upon the arrival of a newborn baby. Making sure that your gift stands out and is treasured rather than thrown out after a couple of weeks isn’t difficult if you put a little bit of thought into your gift and add a personal touch which will help create an […]


How Do Modeling Agencies UK Work?

When you come to know that all successful models in Britain have tie-ups with great modeling agencies UK, you also wish to set up links with a good and reputable one – right? But do you have a clear idea about what such agencies do and do you know that one agency can be very […]


What Healthy Recipes To Look Forward To This Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year for foodies and cooks alike. Fresh produce we’ve been sorely missing for the past few months will be back on the shelves (or farmer’s market, ideally), ready to be chopped and diced and turned into some delicious springtime recipes. Here are a few of our favourites, perfect for […]


Choosing Ethical Jewellery on the High Street

fair trade diamonds

Livia Firth (dear Colin’s wife) is a passionate advocate of ethical jewellery   and was the first celebrity to wear Fairtrade & Fairmined jewellery to the Oscars in 2011.  Following in her footsteps are Julia Roberts, Julia Styles and designers like Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney are also embracing ethical fashion with their latest collections showing […]


5 Most Creative Celebrity Fashion Designers

There are so many celebrities these days with their names adorning fragrances and clothing. Whether you like it or not, they are here to stay. 1. Gwen Stefani The number one creative fashion designer would have to be Gwen Stefani. Her designs are original, inspiring and classy. She is a Grammy award winning artist who […]


5 Best Corporate Company Gifts

Regardless of the time of the year, giving your employees corporate gifts is a great way to show them that they’re appreciated and you value their time with the company. Holidays, birthdays, anniversary’s or just a simple thank you can make a huge difference in the employee moral in your offices. When it comes to […]


6 Tips for Buying the Best Leather Shoes

mens leather shoes

Leather shoes are an undeniable part of a man’s wardrobe. Even if you like sporty shoes, it’s a good idea to have a pair or two of leather shoes to create the right impression in formal occasions. There is no dearth of leather brands today but it seems that most people are quite unaware of […]