Playing With Shapes and Structure with Your Black Dress

Wearing a black dress is quite common nowadays. You see women wearing them in various occasions that sometimes seeing them all too often become quite boring. And since fashion is all about change, versatility and adaptability, why not implement change in your wardrobe by going for architectural dresses that will bring a new touch in your wardrobe?


There are a lot of different styled black dresses that will fit different kinds of body types and produce silhouettes that you thought would never be possible to achieve. It can be in the way the dress is stitched, it can be with the layering of the fabric, etc. Let us look at the possible combinations you can play around with that will result into a different-looking you.


Pick a black dress but not just your usual dress that you see too often. Go for something that is made with a structured fabric, with layers, lines and a unique texture. You can either go for a sleeveless one or with sleeves; it doesn’t matter, but be sure to get something that looks not very ordinary. As for the add-ons or accessories which you need to further accentuate your outfit and highlight your assets at the same time, you can go on wearing a stylish watch or a resin cuff if you are sporting a sleeveless but if not you can just settle for bracelets instead. Do wear some necklace or choker plus earrings too in order to get things looking busy.


The bag that you carry will also play a big role in your architectural look so have a hardchanel silver evening bag clutch tucked in your hand while a statement quartz ring will complete that monolithic look. As for the shoes, go for something that has a sculptural design and appeal especially if you are wearing leggings that are preferably marble printed. Now a neckpiece would also not hurt but rather add more life to your upper part as it highlights the angles of your structural dress, a little bit of geometrical treatment, if you may want to look at it.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match your accessories with your wardrobe as there are certain styles that perfectly match a specific structure. Fashion is an evolving thing and such an evolution will only take place with some imagination and a little bit of experimentation. Just find the right combinations that will make you feel comfortable, confident and pretty.  


About the author: Clarence Reyes has been writing about general fashion and chic handbags for which she truly loves to death.


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