Popular Gift Trends for Christmas 2012

christmas giftsThis article looks at the trendiest and most sought after gifts for Christmas 2012, looking at fashion and fragrance for adults and the best toys for children.

What’s Trending?

Although the phrase is more widely used nowadays to describe user activity on Twitter and other social networking platforms, it is the perfect one to use when looking at what the most popular gifts will be this Christmas.

Not because you will take to Twitter and boast about what you have received from a loved one, but because of the way you will change your attitude once you know what’s trendy this year. The phrase “everyone will have one of these” is often enough to turn a person from hating something to having an undying love for it. Both adults and children are the same in this respect, as they want to return to work or school after the festive break to talk about how great a gift they received.

What are the trending gifts for each member of the family this Christmas?

Dapper Dads

For men this Christmas it is simple. Sophisticated, 007-inspired fashion is the way to go at all times. Forget about silly gifts, themed slippers and underwear, but instead buy a stylish suit jacket or overcoat that screams “suave” to everyone who will see him in the jacket.

Something for Mum

Mum is often the most difficult member of the family to buy for, as you can often be unsure of what she would like. This often leads to playing safe and plumping for fragrance or a piece of jewellery. Both are great ideas, but look to go even better this year.

The vintage movement is in full flow around the world, so whether it is an item of clothing, a piece of furniture, a home decoration or a collectable valuable, put some extra thought into your purchase and avoid the safe bet at all times.

Boys Will Be Boys

If Mum is difficult then the younger boy is often easy. You will likely have a selection of a favourite sports team or television show to base a theme around, so go for that and he won’t be too disappointed. Think about books and interactive toys rather than the latest PS3 game for him to sit in front of all day.

Girly Girlsvictorian dolls

Girls are another difficult group to buy for, especially with the toys market being so overrun with sub-standard brands and ideas that haven’t changed for many years. In keeping with Mum’s vintage theme, look to buy a younger girl a dressing up doll – either singularly or as part of a collection – which is certain to engage and keep them busy for hours at a time.

This article was written by A Girl for All Time. A Girl for All Time provides award winning dolls for girls, as well as novels and keepsake books that bring the past to life with fashion, stories, and activities for the whole family.


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