Shopping for Stress Relief: 6 Tips to Keep in Mind



If you are someone who can’t get enough of shopping you have probably had run-ins with stress. Shopping is a therapy that people use to beat stress and anxiety. Shoppers find their blood pressure going normal and they feel much happier as they shop. Their bodies release feel-good chemicals and their egos increase. To make shopping a more pleasurable experience here are ways to prevent it from turning into a nightmare.


Have a budget and limit your spending

A budget will enable you to track how much you have spent. Limits on your spending will avoid future ramifications. You may feel good after buying that new cashmere sweater but will only get anxious and stressed when the credit card bill comes in the mail. Before you even think of going to the store consider how much you are willing to spend. Use a pre-paid debit card so that you will only spend the money that you have earmarked for shopping. Leave your credit cards at home to avoid the temptation of swiping it and suffer from overspending.


Know what you want to buy first

List down the things you want to buy before shopping. Impulse shopping is a great way to bust a budget. Shoppers tend to spend on frivolous things that they actually don’t need and just flirting with disaster. You can end up under a ton of debt for things that you have no real use of. Even if you will only be shopping to relieve yourself from stress, you still have to make sure that you are buying those things that are important and useful for you, to ensure that you will not regret paying for it.


Don’t fall into the SALE sign trap

Before you step into the SALE sign, breathe deeply at least ten times. Use the breathing technique to relax your mind and ease your emotions. The SALE sign can be your enemy if you are not careful. Buy only those things that you have placed on your list. First and foremost, the word SALE does not necessarily mean that the item is cheaper. It is possible that the item just got marked down from the previous exorbitant price. Remember that just because it is on sale it does not give you the ticket to overspend.


Don’t shop hungry

Eat first before you shop. This is a great commandment that every shopper should heed. Every shopper should have something to eat before having the sojourn to the nearest mall. An empty stomach will push you to buy things that are expensive and unnecessary. A hungry shopper will also tend to spend unnecessarily for expensive mall food.


Buy the important and urgent items first

Getting the important and urgent items first will relieve you from stress. You can now relax and rest easy because even if you run out of time you already have the things you need. During the first few hours of shopping, you have to focus yourself on those things that you badly need to buy right away.  Avoid roaming around from one aisle to another browsing through items that are not on your shopping list.  Otherwise, you will only be tempted to buy them and will not have enough money to pay for those important items.


Get away if you get poor customer service

Don’t stay if you feel the sales lady is rude. Don’t stress yourself with poor customer service and just leave the premises. Picking up a fight or a shouting match would not do any good. A rude salesperson should not ruin your delightful shopping experience; after all you’re the customer.


Shopping is indeed a fun way to relieve one’s self from the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety.  However, one should be very careful when it comes to spending to avoid the risk of falling into the trap of huge debt and financial anxiety. Shopping for stress relief should be synonymous to shopping wisely.






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