Six of the very worst Christmas jumpers that you could wear this winter


Six of the very worst Christmas jumpers that you could wear this winter


Just like turkey dinners, crackers, decorations and presents, Christmas jumpers are rapidly becoming one of the annual traditions of the festive period.

The trouble is, as we all know, they look ridiculous. So why exactly have we developed this barmy fascination for wearing tacky and cheap looking-looking sweaters?

Well, to be honest, I’m not quite sure (I’ve never bought one so I wouldn’t know!). Perhaps all fashion sense goes out the window at winter time – it is ridiculously cold, after all. With that being said, does that really excuse some of these fashion faux pas? Probably not. Here are some of the most disgusting and disturbing Christmas jumpers out there.


Pop-out Reindeer


xmas jumperThere’s nothing like setting the tone for what’s to come so I thought I’d treat you to this pop-out reindeer effort. If you’re a fan of Rudolph and co then this jumper could be the one for you. Just don’t get it dirty – could you imagine trying to washing that? Nightmare.




Flex those muscles


silly xmas jumperThe thing about this Christmas jumper is that I don’t know what I find more disturbing – the skimpy sweater or that pose.


On second thoughts, it’s definitely the pose. I don’t think this fella will be doing much to populate the sales of this festive garment.




Another Reindeer-themed Jumper


christmas sweaterOk, so this Christmas jumper features another Reindeer – what’s so bizarre there? Well, perhaps it’s the big bag of “Reindeer Feed” attached just below! What exactly is “Reindeer Feed”? Are we expected to carry a bag of carrots around with us when wearing this jumper?! That’ll be sure to weigh you down!




Tinsel Jumper


awful christmas jumpersI’m not quite sure what this particular Christmas jumper gains from having so much tinsel on it. Wouldn’t that just be outrageously itchy? The idea seems to revolve around the theme of a Christmas tree – although, I’m not sure I could keep up with the premise of looking like a complete twonk.




A Santa Suit?


terrible christmas jumpersI guess you could argue that this particular outfit doesn’t classify as a Christmas jumper. However, when I Googled “Rubbish Christmas Jumpers” (or words to that effect) it came up, so boo hoo! It must be a jumper! This chappy certainly seems content enough to be donning this Christmas outfit. I reckon he’s faking it though, there’s no way you’d be happy wearing that, is there? 




A Light-Up Jumper


rubbish christmas jumpersWhat could possibly be worse than just a regular run-of-the-mill Christmas jumper? I’ll tell you – a light-up Christmas jumper! Just when you thought this list couldn’t get any tackier, it’s only gone and exceeded all expectations.





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