Stargaze Even When It’s Cloudy With Your Own Astro Eye Planetarium



Astronomy has always been of interest to the general public, shows such as The Sky At Night hosted by the legendary Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore CBE who sadly passed away in December 2012 helped children and adults alike learn about the fascinating galaxy in which we are a part of.


The British Broadcasting Corporation strives to use license payer’s money to produce quality and informative topical entertainment. To this end, a series of programmes called Stargazing:live were commissioned to almost carry the mantle left by The Sky At Night. The main aim of this show, much like the London Olympics of 2012 is to ‘inspire a generation’ of young children to look into astronomy and physics, whilst also retaining the interest of current astronomers, professional and amateur alike.


Hosted by Brian Cox, the British particle physicist and professor at the University of Manchester (also known as a member of the band D:Ream – made particularly famous by the song ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ chosen by The Labour Party during Tony Blair’s first winning election campaign in the 1990’s). Stargazing:live discusses astronomical phenomena, physics related questions and the current alignment of the planets and what can currently be seen in the sky at that particular time of the year. The show broadly attracts millions of viewers, with such a following in fact, that entire towns are compliant in switching all of their lighting off to wipe out light pollution, which blights stargazing.


If it is very cloudy, obviously stargazing is out of the window…well not literally!

planetariumTo combat poor visibility, you could invest or gift an Astro Eye Planetarium available from The Great Gift Company. This fantastic and reliable projector allows you to project constellations onto any wall or ceiling. It even has a 5-speed rotation mechanism allowing you to rotate the night sky at a speed suited to your viewing habits. You can even view the night sky from a northern or southern hemisphere perspective – and a shooting star feature is sure to keep even the youngest of amateur astronomers entertained!


Available at a very competitive price, the Astro Eye Planetarium is the perfect gift for yourself or an aspiring astronomer, with national delivery available.



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