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January is, undoubtedly, one of the most miserable times of year. Christmas is over, work, college or school is back into full swing and summer seems so far away.

Avoid the January blues, however, by injecting some colourful vigour and calming influences into your interior design this 2013.

Eve Edelsten. PhD says that people need to consider how areas and aspects of their home have an impact on their psychological wellbeing (source) and making small, often inexpensive; changes to your interior design can have big impacts on your happiness.

Fill your home with memories

It is surprising how many people cover their walls with generic pictures or paintings that mean nothing to them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and they can often give a stylish and coordinated feel to a room. However put a smile on your face and personal stamp on your home by filling it with photos of people you love, old concert tickets or achievement certificates. A great way to create wall art which will make you smile is by creating hand painting prints with your children, partner or even pets!

You can also get loads of customised prints and wall art to remember a special day or occasion from not on the high street here.

Don’t forgot about your kitchen

For many (myself included!) I view my kitchen as a functional workspace. I tend not to spend much time there other than when cooking and it is not my primary entertaining space.

However the kitchen is the heart of the home, and cooking is a particular passion of mine, as it is for other people. Invest in making your kitchen look and feel pleasurable – this will encourage you to spend more time there and therefore focus on diet and foods more. Stop getting takeaways and quick instant meals – make the kitchen a space you will want to spend time in.

You can find a great range of kitchen accessories on the high street – pick a bright colour and coordinate them throughout the room.

Create Space and Calm

Clutter can be one of the most stressful things in a home, it creates mess, busies the mind and it can make it more difficult to relax when surrounded by a lot of objects.

Clever storage solutions are the best way to address this problem. You do not always have to trim down on your belongings when you run out of space (however this in itself can be very therapeutic!) but rethink how you store them. The channel 4 home section has some excellent storage ideas that will help for you to clear your rooms, and in turn clear your mind.

Smells and Sounds

We have discussed what redecoration can help brighten your home visually, however do not forget about smells and sounds of your home – both of which equally affect your ability to relax, feel calm and happy in your home.

Scented candles incense or diffusers are an excellent way to fill your home with comforting, clean or invigorating smells. Pick a varied selection to suit your mood.

Also the sound of silence can be the perfect relaxant for many people; however others can feel uncomfortable when their home is quiet – if this is you, try relaxing music or rainfall tapes. There are some great iPhone and android apps available for free which do this very thing!

Happy 2013!

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