The Perfect Farewell Gift

Saying farewell to a loved one is never an easy under-taking in any circumstance. We can only take small comfort in the fact that these days goodbye’s are rarely forever.

With the ever advancing technology we have such as mobile phones, email and Skype, and the ease of global travel, staying in touch with those we love on the other side of the planet is easier than ever.

Having recently waved my eldest daughter off on her adventures to Australia, this is a topic particularly close to my heart at the moment, so forgive me if the article seems a little over sentimental!

I can only begin to imagine the heart ache and emotional pain of mothers in years gone by that had to say goodbye to their children, in the almost certain knowledge that it would be their final parting, and learning knowledge of their grandchildren only by way of an occasional letter home!

Before I need to reach for the tissues, on to the happier subject of what to buy for the traveller abroad?

Space and weight and budget must be the top priorities when considering a goodbye token; especially for the back-packer.

For those moving entire house contents then the traditional photo album or scrap-book is always up there with the top farewell gift ideas.

Personally, I bought my daughter a compact digital camera. I then stored a best digital compact camerasfew very short videos of her closest friends sending messages of goodbye and good luck on it, along with my own message (and a spare memory card because we used up quite a bit of space!).

Ten more Bon Voyage Gift Ideas:

1. St Christopher – St Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, an ideal gift for anyone of the Christian faith, many styles Available From Amazon


2. Quaich – The Quaich (pronounced “quake”, from the Gaelic word “cuach”) has it’s origins in Scotland. The traditional drinking vessel was used to offer a guest a cup of welcome and also as a farewell drink, usually a dram of whisky. Travellers were known to carry a quaich with them.

“And I will love thee still, my dear, Till a’ the seas gang dry” Quaich Size 3.5″

Read more about this unusual gift idea here:

3. Digital Photo Keychain From FireBox – A backpacker may not appreciate hauling around a gigantic collage of your favourite memories, but this neat little photo key ring is easily attached to a belt loop or bag, the super-sleek Tao Digital Photo Keychain comes with a lanyard so you can hang it wherever you fancy .

digital photo keyring

The ultra slim USB-friendly gizmo lets you drag and drop photos straight from your PC or Mac, displaying them on its 1.5” LCD screen.

It’s a fantastic present for loved ones.

An internal lithium battery automatically recharges the Tao via USB. And thanks to its idiot-proof software you can crop photos to fit the screen.

Priced at just £9.99 this is also a very affordable farewell gift, useful if you have already given a cash gift and just need an extra token.

4. If your younger intrepid explorer is heading off to a hot climate, worth a look are the Reef Fanning Unisex Sandals: Ultra comfy and trendy, but more importantly check out the bottle opener in the sole! A fun, novel, yet useful gift idea.

Available from Amazonfarewell gift sandal with bottle opener


5. Jizo, one of the most beloved and revered Bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism. The aspiration to save all beings from suffering. He is the protector of women, children, and travelers in the six realms of existence.

Jizo pendant from Chictopiajizo unique farewell gifts


6. Nehalennia, the steerswoman, is the Celtic goddess who protects travelers during their life, but also on their journey through the afterlife. She is represented by dolphins, who protect seafarers, and dogs and ravens who protect land travelers.

Nehalennia pendant from Ebayunique farewell gift ideas Nehalennia


7. THE DIOSKOUROI (or Dioscuri) were twin star-crowned gods whose appearance (in the form of St Elmo’s fire) on the rigging of ships was believed to portent escape from a storm. They were also gods of horsemanship and protectors of guests and travellers.

8. Archangel Raphael Protects Travelers – Archangel Raphael’s name means “God heals” or “God has healed.” Raphael is not only a healer, but he protects travelers of all kinds. Call on Raphael when you want to feel safe and protected while traveling. Ask that your journey from beginning to end be experienced with ease and protection.

Archangel Raphael Pendant Lead Free Pewter in Gift Box


9. Pocket Compass  – So your loved one can always find their way back home 


compass gift for travellers
HOTER Robot and Compass Lovely Style Delicate Design Pocket Watch with Chain, Gift Idea

10. Horse shoes, four leafed clover, rabbits foot, forget-me-nots and shamrock are a symbols of good luck:

unusual farewell goodbye gift ideas

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