The Ultimate Boyfriend’s Guide To Shopping For Christmas

Christmas shopping is a hassle for most women, so we can only imagine what it must be like for men. No doubt it’s your idea of a nightmare… hours spent wandering from shop to shop, standing in queues and generally being harassed by crowds of mothers with prams and crying children.

But if you want to stay in your girlfriend’s good books this Christmas you need to have something special for her to open on December 25th. If she says she doesn’t want much, she’s probably lying, so ensure you make an effort.

If you’re struggling to think of ideas and aren’t quite sure what to get, read on for a few helpful hints that could very well end up being your saviour come Christmas morning.


1.      Perfume

What woman doesn’t like perfume? If you want to get her something new, go to a fragrance shop and ask for some advice on new scents. Alternatively, if the perfume she’s already got is running low then buy her a replacement. Trust us, she’ll love the fact you took the initiative to look at what she currently wears.


2.      Underwear

Pretty underwear is something all women love. Make sure you check her existing underwear sets to get the sizing right and remember – pick something you think she’ll like. If you’re unsure, go for something silky and simple.


3.      Chocolate

Don’t go overboard with chocolate, as chances are she’ll get plenty of this on Christmas Day. But an expensive treat from a posh chocolate shop will probably be much appreciated.


4.      Scarf and gloves

Perfect if you don’t feel confident enough to buy your other half clothes. Most girls will love a nice scarf and gloves set – consider the coat she wears and get something that matches. if she’s already got a scarf and gloves set get something similar as you can be sure she’ll like it. If she usually wears smart leather gloves, chances are she won’t be keen on a pair of colourful stripy mittens.


5.      Clothes

If you’re confident enough, then by all means buy your girl some clothes. Most women will probably be impressed by the simple fact you went into a clothing store, let alone picked out some items. The next time you go shopping with her, keep an eye out for things she picks up or says she likes. This makes the process of finding something a whole lot easier. If in doubt, a nice chunky knitted jumper is a must for winter 2012 and suits all body shapes.


6.      A framed photo

What could be better than a nice photo of the two of you? Get a nice picture off Facebook and get it printed professionally in black and white. Spend a bit of money on a really nice frame and voila. A sentimental and gorgeous accessory for the home.


7.      Pyjamas

Pyjamas are something women rarely seem to buy for themselves, so they make great gifts. Get a lovely soft winter pair, perfect for cuddling up in front of a film on a cold evening.


8.      A blanket

This might seem like a bit of a strange one, but if your girlfriend is someone who likes buying accessories and pretty trinkets for her home, she’ll love this. Invest in a stunning quilted blanket for the bed or sofa and she’ll be one happy lady on Christmas morning.

Janice Lincoln is a freelance writer who blogs extensively on fashion related subjects such as where to find your fashion shoes and source your skinny jeans for women.

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