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Making someone in your life feel special can be easy, but making someone stand out can be harder.  If you want to impress one of your loved ones or simply embarrass them with a surprise gift, here are the best ideas for you!  Whether it is a birthday celebration, anniversary, graduation, holiday, or just because you feel like it, look no further!  Here are some ideas that may get you into trouble, but will certainly be unforgettable.

 “What’s a Christmas gram? I want one!”

Like our favorite character Buddy the Elf, the best way to spread cheer is to sing loudly for all to hear!  If it is your anniversary or your loved one’s birthday, there are so many ways to surprise them.  If they work in an office setting, you should go all out and send them a singing birthday or holiday message. There is no better way to bring attention to someone than having a group of actors in costume singing to them.  There are even telegrams for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and weddings!  This is such a fun way to show someone how much you care and show them they are appreciated.

Giant Stuffed Animals

If you want your child to be the coolest kid in school, your girlfriend to have something to sleep next to while you are on the road, or your college graduate to have a happy reminder of his or her difficult college achievements, go over the top and make them feel really special like they have their very own “Ted”. This gift is great for all ages. Design the bear for your child, friend, or girlfriend with love. Pick the color of the bear, the size of the bear, and even customize a birthday teddy bear for the specific occasion you are sending it for! Imagine your child or girlfriend receiving a huge new friend wearing clothes like the Bernstein Bears.  Not only is the bear life size and a great snuggle partner, but it even has its own personalized t-shirt on! The t-shirt can be customized just for the recipient’s special occasion.

Edible Gifts

If embarrassing your loved one is going to get you in trouble or may end in a break up, here are some options that cater to you.  Since sending flowers may be cliché, why not send a bouquet of fruit. Bouquets of fruit aren’t your only option. If the person you’re trying to buy for has more of a sweet tooth, there are chocolate covered strawberries and other fruit to curb their cravings. These arrangements are thoughtful and healthy!

Whether you send them a singing telegram, a big teddy bear, or a fruity bouquet, you are sending them a message of love! A simple surprise can brighten up the day of your loved one and show them that they are in your thoughts on that special day. Sometimes embarrassing them with an over the top gift can give them the good laugh or a big smile that they needed.

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By Sammy S, a blogger with a passion for finding the perfect gift to match someone’s personality.

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