Top 10 Masks for parties

Choosing the perfect masquerade mask can be tricky sometimes, since there are plenty of available models from which you can choose. In case you’re dealing with problems in deciding which masks suits your outfit best, take a look at the following 10 masks described below. All of them are modern and fun, which means that you’ll definitely be noticed every time you wear them.

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10. British Heritage Mask

This type of mask is exactly what you should wear if you want to look spectacular. British Heritage is a golden mask that is trimmed with a nice gold ribbon. The British appeal of this mask is given by the gold ribbon placed under filigree embroidery which is provided with a unique Union Jack flag. Women will definitely love it, as it goes well with virtually any type of dress, especially with a black one.

9. Blue Butterfly Mask

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Have you ever dreamed of wearing a flirty mask that will make you feel like a princess waiting for her Prince Charming? In this case, this mask is exactly what you need. Its shape is sculpted, the mask being lined with a very smooth fabric which seems to be scattered with glitter. Butterflies are lovely and pure, so it will definitely make you look gorgeous.

8. Cabaret Hot Pink Mask

Every woman want to feel sexy every once in a while. If your main goal is that of turning heads all around you, a Cabaret mask is your perfect choice. Featuring very long eyelashes, aurora borealis jewels, black velvet eyeliner and amazing eyebrows, this lovely mask will make all girls envy you. However, it comes in bright colors such as dark pink and it’s scattered with glitter, which means that it cannot be worn with any type of outfit.

7. Checkerboard Domino Mask (Black and White)

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This type of mask is perfect for men who want to have fun without attracting people’s attention too much. The black and white squares will perfectly match your suit or tuxedo, and the unique design will make everybody curious about your identity. However, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of your identity, since this mask is secured using an elastic band. Get ready to impress and prove that a simple mask design can be as successful as a complicated one!

6. Elegant Stick Masks

An elegant stick mask is designed for grandiose parties, where all attendants need to look exquisite and be original at the same time. This mask is covered in black velvet, featuring a gold sequined trim and gold braid. Besides, the two amazing ostrich plumes make it define elegance, especially when combined with a filigree embellishment provided with a unique Austrian jewel.

5. Countess Mask

Countesses are strong women who make people around them feel nervous. If you want to trigger similar reactions on other party attendants, this mask is exactly what you need. Its silver color makes it match any type of dress, while its unique silver ribbon provides it with an extra touch of elegance. The accent is represented by a purple ribbon made of satin, which majestically surrounds a rhinestone crown. Secure this mask using its ribbons and get ready to act like a countess.

4. Elegant Raindrop Mask

You’ve never seen something simpler and more amazing than this black mask. Its beauty is provided by a black teardrop fringe, which easily slides along the mask’s bottom edge. The whole mask is edged using sequined braid, which provides a special and unique appearance. The best part is that this model can be secured using an elastic band, but can be also worn on a lovely 10-inch stick.

3. Marquis Mask

Opting for an amazing Marquis Mask for a lavish party is an excellent choice. This Verona mask is edged with sequin braid and can be secured with an elastic band. Available under many colors, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t match your outfit. Besides, it will make you look like a respected marquis who has a great influence on other people.

2. Flourish Red Mask

Daring women will feel completed by this majestic mask. Provided with an amazing feather pad and crystal jewels, the mask is designed to turn heads. Flourish Red is edged using sequin braid to provide a unique appearance. Match it with a black or white gown and you will definitely become the queen of the party.

1. Gold and Smoke Mask

You won’t be able to take your eyes off such superb golden masquerade mask. Provided with a jewel medallion, the net is about 12 inches wide and 12 inches tall. If you’re an independent woman who loves to be appreciated, you will definitely feel amazingly well wearing this mask. Your elegance will baffle all the people around you, while all other women will envy your courage.

Whether you’re going to a charity event, social gathering, or spectacular ball, make sure you’re picking out the best party masks. Opt for the most innovative model, match it with your outfit, and conceal your identity from the world. Have the best time and use your mask to maintain that air of mystery.


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