Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

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Looking for a Christmas gift for the man in your life? Check out our guide to finding the perfect present for your own Mr Wonderful.


Whether it’s your dad, your brother, your partner or your best friend, men can be tricky to shop for. A short trip to your nearest pharmacy for a nice shower gel and body lotion or a Topshop gift voucher is usually all that is required to keep your female friends happy, but men require a little more thought. Is he a video game buff? Perhaps he’s a film lover or a golf nut? A little bit of thought can go a long way, and you want to see a smile on his face come Christmas morning, so here are a few of our favourite gift ideas for the man in your life.


The older man


If you are shopping for your dad or granddad, it can be easy to fall into the pyjamas and socks rut for something simple you know he will appreciate. But if you want to be a bit more adventurous, think about his favourite TV show or book series, for example, does he like factual programmes? A DVD box set like Frozen Planet or Blue Planet could be just the ticket when it comes to keeping gramps happy. If he doesn’t have a DVD player, you might want to consider getting one for him, with many high street retailers offering them for as little as £20.


Your hubby or boyfriend


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There’s no time more romantic than Christmas, with twinkling lights on the trees and cuddles in the cold weather – it’s the best time to be loved up. Christmas is a great time for live acts, bands and shows so why not book tickets to see his favourite musicians? It’s both a great gift idea and a chance for you to spend some time together if you book a ticket for yourself too. If he’s not a music lover, log on and check out various football or rugby matches and find out where his beloved team are playing. Buy him a ticket to the right game and you will score some extra special girlfriend points this year!


Your brothers


[caption id="attachment_353" align="alignright" width="150"]harry potter tour Harry Potter Experience[/caption]

Whilst a ticket to the game might just do it for your brother too, there are many other Christmas gift ideas ideal for your brother or older male relatives like cousins and uncles too. If he is a gadget geek, there are a variety of gift options for him to enjoy on Christmas morning. The Mini Microscope For iPhone 4 is a great gift, just attach the tiny gadget to your iPhone 4 and use the microscope to take a look at anything our eyes are adept enough to see by themselves. Best of all, you can even take still images of your discoveries using the camera function on your phone to show off to your friends!

Other male relatives


gift ideas for menGift experiences are becoming ever more popular and you might want to consider one for the man in your life. Choose from a variety of activities including driving a rally car around the world famous Silverstone track, a Ministry of Sound DJ experience or the chance to brew his very own beer at Sadler’s Ales- and there are many more besides.

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