Top Christmas Treats for your Man…with an Ethical Twist

If your man has an ethical heart there’s more to choose from than ever. Here are a few bright gift ideas for a delightful ethical Christmas given with love for him, the environment and the people who created them. Happy gifts, if you like!

Funky vinyl book ends crafted from recycled records

gifts for book loversIf you’re old enough to remember records, you might also recall the feeling of pleasure you got from melting old discs in boiling water or over the radiator when your parents were out! The tradition is being carried on, but in a practical grown-up way, with small or large vinyl book ends made from remoulded records, label and all. Createded from genuine old singles or albums, the records are cleverly folded over so the books’ weight keeps them upright.

Perfect for your man’s desk or work space, you can also buy a fab vinyl bowl made the same way and perfect as a desk tidy, key store or fruit bowl. Around 29cm diameter and 8cm deep, they’re created from remoulded vinyl records and sealed with a protective coating. You can even choose from a range of titles. With a bit of luck you’ll find one made from a record by his favourite band, or at least something in the right genre.

Gloriously luxurious Kubu albums

photo albumThe ultimate in desk or office luxury, why not choose a handsome, substantial soft-backed album containing hand torn, acid-free ivory cotton paper and natural acid free interleaves made from banana skin? All bound in luscious supple chocolate coloured leather and smartly gift boxed, it contains 46 pages and interleaves and can take 368 6×4” snaps, 184 7×5” photos or 92 A4 images. It’s certified fair trade and measures 34 x 25cm.


The quirky Carlsberg beer bottle candle

gift ideas for menKeep calm and carry on… soothe your man’s troubles away with scented candles made from a recycled Carlsberg Beer Bottles. The wax is poured by hand in Cornwall, rich in natural lemon and thyme. 11cm high x 5.8cm diameter, they burn for an impressive sixty hours, smell wonderfully fresh and the scent is known to repel mosquitos. Ideal for summer barbecues.

The original bottles go through a three hour, seven-stage process on their journey to candledom. The top is cut off and the rim ground and melted to create a smooth, safe finish. They’re ‘annealed’ in an oven at various temperatures for a full two hours to make the glass extra strong and durable. Then the wick is added and the wax poured in.

Magic cleaning stuff for DIY enthusiasts

gift ideas for menThis is magic stuff, authentic olive oil-based black soap that cleans almost everything in the home, garage or garden, replacing more than a dozen specialist products in one.

Ideal for keen DIY-ers and hobbyists, it cut through grease, cleans and remove fatty deposits, cleans and polishes stainless steel, copper and silver and glass. You can use it for leather, fabrics, slate and stone, barbecues, bicycles and bikes, wood, plastic and paint brushes. It protects plants and trees against aphids, mealy bugs and spider mites. And it makes the perfect shampoo for dogs and horses, helping prevent allergies and parasites. Wow.

And what’s this amazing cleaner made of? Marius Fabre’s Marseilles soap is 100% natural, created from olive oil, copra and palm oils with no colouring, synthetic substances or phosphates.

As you can see there’s no shortage of cool, unusual and thoughtful ethical Christmas gifts for men on the market this festive season!

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  1. I absolutely love those book ends. Half tempted to buy myself a present in the form of them. ^_^ And I’ve seen those bowls before, in this hippie-ish town near where I live. They look so very cool. I’ve nearly bought one countless times, but it seems that I’m always there when I don’t have enough money. *pouts* The candle is fairly awesome, too. I’d buy one for my brother, but I’m pretty sure he’s too much XY to have a candle in his apartment, even if it is in a beer bottle.

  2. I liked the beer bottle candle. My significant other has a special affinity for beer, so I think it would be a great gift for him. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love the recycled vinyl album gift – I have painted vinyl albums and then melted them into bowls to be used as unique snack bowls – they can be used to hold nuts & a nutcracker, or line them lightly with a napkin and fill with shelled nuts or chips or other edible treat!

  4. Vinyl bookends…lol I actually still have some vinyl records. My kids friends always ask me what they are. I love em.

  5. Love the blog! The vinyl bookends are cool. My husband loves both books and records. He’s got a ton of both and what a unique way to combine the two!

  6. Hi I’m your newest follower! I love your blog it’s absolutely adorable and I’m really into that beer candle! I know my hubby would love it!

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