Traditional Christmas toys

Nowadays kids are after the latest in technology for their Christmas present, and all of this can cost a small fortune. Parents will be able to look back fondly on the toys their received as kids and remember the good old days, when children were able to keep themselves amused with seemingly next to nothing. If you can remember a time when you weren’t kept entertained by a TV or a games console, chances are you can also remember some of the following traditional toys…


1)      The Doll’s House

This was the number one Christmas gift for girls, and one with all the bells and whistles on would have had kids screaming with glee on Christmas morning. The traditional doll’s house was a much simpler affair than the doll’s houses you can get nowadays though.


They were usually in the style of a Victorian house and the front of the house could detach and swing outwards to reveal the inner workings of a busy house. There were bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and even bathrooms, and part of the joy of getting a doll’s house for Christmas was that it wasn’t complete. Of course, you’d want to get enough to fill out each room in order to make the house playable, but throughout the following years you could collect little trinkets and miniature items of furniture to complete each room. Perfection!


2)      The board game

Before computer games really took off and for those whose parent’s couldn’t afford to buy them at the time, board games were an amazing gift to get at Christmas. There are more than enough board games to choose from now, but back in the day some of the most popular options included Snakes and Ladders, Operation, Twister, Guess Who?, The Hare and the Tortoise, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Mouse Trap and of course a good jigsaw puzzle could also inspire hours of fun!


3)      The teddy bear

Could there be anything better than receiving a cuddly bear for Christmas? Many adults will remember the first time they ever clapped eyes on their favourite teddy bear and it’s likely to still be with them today. A lot can be said for the humble teddy bear, and kids today are guaranteed to love you for supplying them with a cuddly toy they’ll be able to depend on throughout the years!


4)      The Easy-Bake Oven

For any aspiring bakers, this was possibly the best toy you could be supplied with at Christmas. If you’re looking to get your kids into cooking and want to teach them a little bit about the art of baking, an Easy-Bake Oven would be the best first step. These ovens are still available today, and boys’ versions can also be bought to get the whole family into baking!


5)      The yo-yo

The yo-yo has long been a fantastic toy, and today there are incredibly hi-tech versions of what was once just a simple toy on a bit of string. There are lots of tricks you can learn with a yo-yo nowadays and it requires a certain amount of finesse to be able to master all of them, ensuring kids will be kept busy for hours on end!


What was your favourite bygone Christmas toy?


This guest blog was contributed by Janice Lincoln, a freelance writer who blogs extensively on the topic of Christmas and where you can find the best discount toys deals.

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