Treat Yourself this Christmas


With Christmas coming we will be busy buying gifts for friends and family members in the run up to the festive season! I thought I would take the chance to put together a short blog that reminds us that we need to treat ourselves too!!

With the Christmas party season almost ready to start it’s time to let yourself sparkle, so here are some outfit ideas for looking great at any upcoming Christmas bash!

Turn Heads in a Party Dress

The choice of party dresses for Christmas is endless, every shop and website have their own ideas of what is hot and what is not! The days of the massive prom dress seem to be over and for AW12 it looks like slim and elegant are in. Warehouse always seem to have beautiful dresses in stock and they have a very handy prom dress category on their website – cast your eyes over these beauties!

I love the slim looking prom dress that has panelled lace bodice over the top of the dress, this structured look then elegantly flows into a looser dress with unstructured skirt; perfect for twirling on the dance floor!


xmas party dresses

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I also love the shorter length of the dress – no more tripping over a full length gown!

Let your Eyes Sparkle

My new favourite eyewear trend is the one I saw in Glamour,  it’s the combination of the ever-brilliant smoky eyes with bright, bold colours to create an eye-turning look.

To get this look you’ll want to get shopping for some new eye shadow to brighten up those smoky eyes. Try experimenting with different colours and why not try a new colour and go for a bold and daring look this Christmas? Cosmetics Fairy has loads of choices when it comes to eye shadow and their prices mean that you can add a few items to your basket!

Finish off the Outfit with the Perfect Shoes

So we’ve picked up the gorgeous prom dress from Warehouse (a cute little black number), we’ve got sparkling eyes that combine the smoky look with a hint of colour… now it’s time to finish the outfit off with the perfect shoes. Wedges are all the rage at the moment and I have found a cute pair of wedges from Miss Selfridge that have an embellished (read here glittery) wedges that will shimmer and glitter as you walk – perfect for the party season!


party shoes

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Enjoy yourself this Christmas and don’t forget to spoil yourself a little on a new outfit!


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  1. I think I’m going to ask those shoes to marry me, they’re so pretty. The dress was nice, but those shoes… *drools* I’m definitely going to start following this blog. You post such great stuff that makes it so where I don’t have to put effort into digital window shopping. It’s all right here. ^_^

  2. I am following from Lovin’ the Weekend. The shoes you featured on here caught my eye… LOVE them! I am a big fan of wedges because they are so much more comfortable. What are your favs to wear?

    • Wedges are the most comfortable, but sexy heels still call my name when out shopping – even if I can’t actually walk in them LOL

      • I know the feeling. I love the look of stilettos, but I can’t even stand up in them without falling down, let alone walk in them. I’m lucky I can even wear wedges.

  3. Hi! Visiting Back from Lovin the Weekend. (An Ordinary Housewife). I really love the style of you blog. So pretty!

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