Using Flower Stock Photos To Send Virtual Flower Postcards

Copyright Erik1977 | Dreamstime.comBy combining royalty free stock photography with a simple graphics program, you can quickly create virtual postcards to send to friends or family. Virtual postcards can also be used professionally by businesses during holiday seasons, to promote a sale or special or to thank a client. Keeping mailings in the virtual realm simplifies the process, and is easier on the environment as well. The example below utilizes flower stock photos to create eye-catching virtual floral postcards.

Choosing Photos

The first step in designing your postcard is to choose your photo. When looking through the flower stock photos, think about your final design. How much text will you want? Will it be visible against the floral background? Do you want a huge close-up of flowers, a la Georgia O’Keeffe, or are you interested a field of flowers? Is there room for a border if you want one, or will you lose part of the image in the process? You can also look for elements of other photos, and use just those elements in your final product using photo editing software.


Once you’ve purchased and downloaded your images, it’s time to start editing. You can use a free downloadable program like Picasa, software already installed on your computer like PowerPoint or Publisher, or a professional graphics program like Photoshop. There are also plenty of free online photo editing sites available, including several that let you just upload your photo and make a card directly on the site.

With your editing tool, you can resize your photo, change the tint, and often add special effects to enhance the picture. Decide which orientation will suit your design best, either landscape or portrait. You can also reverse the image to get a completely different look. With your editing software, you can add layers, touch-up, and combine different photos to create an entirely new image from scratch.

Copyright Subbotina | Dreamstime.comOnce you’re finished editing your photo, you can add text if you’d like to include a message on your postcard. Choose a font that’s easy to read against the background of the flower. Finally, you can finish your project off with a border to tie everything together.

Emailing Your Postcard

After your postcard is finished, simply save it as a .jpeg or other easily-read file and send it off to your recipient, just like you would any photo attached to an email. Note: If you’re using a proprietary software like Publisher or PowerPoint, don’t save the file in its native format, as the recipient will be unable to open the file unless they have Publisher themselves. From start to finish, it only takes a few minutes to create a gorgeous flower postcard using just flower stock photos and free editing software.

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