Vacuum Cleaners – A Guide for Buyers

cordless vacuumFrom handhelds to cordless, uprights to cylinders buying vacuum cleaners can actually be a bit of a minefield. But before parting with your proverbial hard-earned, it’s worth reading up on some of these pointers to aid your decision.

Cylinder, Upright or Handheld

Choosing a type of vacuum cleaner is largely down to how you plan to use it. Cylinder types are more compact and are easier to use on the stairs or around pieces of furniture, they are also more suited to hard floors. Uprights are typically better for cleaning large areas of carpet and for many people are easier to control. Handhelds are ideal for those little jobs or detailing work as control is excellent.

To Bag or not to Bag?

There has been a long running feud between manufacturers of vacuum cleaners as to whether a bag or bagless solution is the best. On the one hand cleaners with bags are normally cheaper and are easier to empty, just throw the bag away. You do however have to buy bags regularly. On the other hand bagless vacuums typically work out cheaper in the long run and in many cases are more powerful. They are however more expensive.

Cord vs. Cordless

In the past practically all vacuum cleaners, apart from the handheld variety, were mains powered. In recent years however this has changed with a number of rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaners becoming available. Ultimately losing the cord is a personal choice based upon the inconvenience of constantly plugging and unplugging as you clean.

Energy Efficiency

Naturally you will want your vacuum cleaner to be powerful, but as we all become more energy conscious we want cleaners that can clean, but won’t cost the earth. Increasingly manufacturers are taking this into account and developing models that can provide good energy efficiency without sacrificing performance, saving you money in the long run.


One key aspect of choosing vacuum cleaners that is right for you is weight. Typically handling the weight of a cylinder vacuum is a case of dragging it around with you but with uprights, weight has a serious effect upon manoeuvrability and comfortable use. If you have a large house then it is worth considering how a heavy vacuum cleaner may be difficult to push around and instead consider a lighter alternative.

Your Flooring

It is worth factoring the type of flooring which is most prominent within your home as this will affect your choice.  Usually a wooden or tiled floors are most suited to cylinders and carpets uprights, although take care that the brush mode of some cleaners is turned off if you have loop pile carpet as it can flatten the carpet in time.

These factors should also be considered when choosing vacuum cleaners. It is also worth factoring elements such as filtering, wattage and attachments in your choice, although these are not as important as the points discussed above. Ultimately finding the right vacuum is about deciding which model is right for your home and the way you plan to use it.

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