What Are The Best Gifts For Graduates?

It’s the time of year when lots of students are gearing up for their final exams and their final pieces of coursework. This is an exciting time and for their families it often represents a really important milestone.
Too often is the completion of a degree seen as something fairly ordinary because of the sheer number of students at universities up and down the country. However, it’s a major achievement to go through the higher education system and to emerge with a qualification that opens all sorts of doors in terms of a career.
The degree itself acts as formal recognition of the hard work that the individual student has put in over a number of years in order to gain a really deep understanding of a particular subject. That in itself is worth congratulating!
So how can families mark the end of a student’s academic career? It’s actually really nice to get hold of a tasteful gift to coincide with their graduation – something they might be able to look upon fondly in years to come, remembering their own achievements which may be responsible for the heights they have reached and the knowledge they have gained.

Appropriate gifts

The best gifts for graduation are probably those that are somehow linked with study. That’s why posh pens and books are so popular to mark the occasion. Of course, your student might not fancy seeing another book for a while, but they will grow to enjoy the keepsake!
As far as posh pens are concerned, it’s nice to make these gifts even more personal. The best way to do this is to have them engraved so they act as a genuine reminder of what they were given to commemorate.
So what messages are ideal for engraving onto a gift pen?

Personal messages

One option is to give a personal message directly congratulating your son, daughter or another member of the family. Something that gets across your feelings of pride at what they’ve achieved and something they might associate with you thereafter. A simply statement will often do here.

Name and qualification

Another option is to remove yourself from the equation and go for something that puts their achievement on the agenda rather than your own sentiments. Simply having their name engraved, perhaps alongside the new qualification that they can legitimately put against their name after graduating.

Other gift options

Of course, you don’t have to engrave your message of congratulation onto a pen. In fact, for certain subjects, it might be worth choosing a different gift that’s more appropriate to the work your graduate has been doing for the last number of years.
Medical students, for instance, might be presented with a commemorative piece of equipment that sums up their studies; likewise engineers and other students whose subjects are practical and have more apposite symbols than the pen. Otherwise, special presents like iPods and iPads make really impressive gifts that are less subject-specific.
It’s even possible to be pretty ambitious with engraved pictures and designs thanks to the laser marking technology which is available these days.

Danny Cinders received a laser marked pen from his parents after his graduation and he keeps it safe as a reminder of how proud they were on the day.

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