What Are The Best Gifts To Buy For Your Man?

It is one of life’s great ironies; men spend a lot of time around special occasions fretting over what they are going to buy for their women, but little do they realise that the reverse is also true.  Contrary to the popular and misguided belief, women also find it a challenge to buy suitable gifts, especially as men can tend to be less than forthcoming when they are asked what they would like.

If you are a man who happens to be reading this, think back to a time when your partner asked what you might like for a birthday, only to grunt or say “I dunno” under your breath. We all know it happens.

Thankfully, for all the women in the world whose men are less than helpful when it comes to great gifts, we are at hand to inspire you with some ideas. After all, you can’t buy a grunt anywhere these days, can you?


The thing you’ll find with jewellery is that there is often no middle ground. He will either love mens tungstenjewellery or hate it. It is easy to work out which camp your man is in simply by thinking about what he wears now. If he wears no more than his wedding band, and has never mentioned anything else, then the chances are he doesn’t like it.

In contrast, if he shows an interest in jewellery or already owns a few great pieces, it is likely that he’d love some more. Personalized jewellery might be an option, but ensure you go for things that are tasteful and classy, rather than tacky things that say ‘DAD’ or something similar on them.


This can be the most difficult thing to buy, but if you stick to the rules you should find it easy:

  • · Don’t try to change what he wears through gifting
  • · Think about what he already owns – men love routine when it comes to clothing – and buy him the same again
  • · Don’t buy him something a size smaller to motivate him to lose his extra baggage around the waist
  • · If in doubt, buy him something he can wear to work, such as a shirt and tie set

Use those four guidelines, and you will find it is actually very easy to buy clothes for your man.

Amazing Experience Days

The market for experience days is huge, and because of this, the options you have for giving your man a great day out are wide ranging. The only thing you have to do is choose something that he would like to do. A racecar experience day is usually a winner, as are things such as wine tasting and a day out at the horseracing, but you’ll have to be careful to tailor it to your man.

Making It Memorable

If you were met with a grunt, then it will feel like some achievement when you see the smile on his face as he realizes you have struck gold with his gift yet again. The only issue is that you’re doing nothing to explode the myth that only men find it difficult to buy great gifts!

Adam considers himself very easy to buy for, but was nevertheless thrilled and surprised when his wife marked his most recent birthday with a pair of tungsten bands, one of which he now wears on each hand.

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