What To Wear Music Festivals

Who doesn’t love festivals? Who doesn’t love festival clothing?! Music festivals are all about pure enjoyment with your friends as you see your favourite bands. You want to be dressed cool but still comfortable; you are going to be mobile after all. Don’t let this limit your imagination. The following article lists must haves for your next festival outfit.

Denim Shorts

You probably already knew this one but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. Denim shorts are the staple of any good festival outfit. The best thing about denim shorts is the variety of designs available. There is a pair of denim shorts for every body type. You could for another material but denim knows how to keep itself together, i.e. won’t have to worry about your shorts ripping in crowd of people when you are just trying to enjoy the music.

Day or Maxi

If you want to wear a dress make sure it’s comfortable. You don’t want to waste your festival experience worrying about bending over because your dress is just that little bit too short. That’s why a maxi can be a great option. Keep in mind that music festivals are all about mobility. If you want something a bit more feminine, may I suggest a cute playsuit?

Comfortable Shoes

Boots or converse shoes are the only choices for a music festival. Not only are these great stylesconverse that go with any outfit but they also shield your feet from mud, trash and any other unmentionables. Be smart when it comes to choosing your shoes, you are going to be wearing them for a long period of time. When you put your shoes on before going to the festival you are entering a contract you can’t go back on. The best part about bots and converse is that they look better when scruffy, so don’t fear.

The Final Touches

Accessories are so much more fun at festivals. Festivals are a great chance to dress a bit quirky. It’s an opportunity to wear exactly what you saw in a magazine and not be judged but praised. Get creative, if you don’t you’ll have to wait for your next music festival to roll around.

What’s the best thing about festival clothes? They were made to get dirty. Be realistic about the occasion; don’t wear your best Saturday night dress. Save that for a special occasion. Don’t spend too much money either; these clothes are most likely going to go to hell and back. They don’t need to be expensive either; it’s just for one day or a couple. Try working with what you already own, borrowing or bagging some bargains at a second hand shop.

Jasmine loves nothing more than finding a new outfit, throwing on her favourite pair of Converse shoes and heading off to music festivals.

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