Women’s Casual Shoes – Finding Shoes for Any Occasion

Within the world of footwear there are two distinctive classifications used to describe shoes and the situations they should be worn in. Dress and casual are terms that describe types of shoes, not just when they can be used. For example, dress shoes are typically made from smooth leather uppers, have leather soles and are normally narrower. Casual shoes however are wider, have sturdier uppers and the outsoles are less likely to be made from leather.

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More specifically, Women’s casual shoes are characterised by also being narrow, although it is also frequent that they will feature lower heels than dress shoes, to make them more comfortable for long periods of wear.

Types of Women’s Casual Shoes

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Flats – One of the most common types of women’s casual shoes are flats. They are so widespread because they offer comfort without sacrificing a dressier look. They can be bought in a huge range of different styles as well, making them a great choice for those that want a diverse footwear wardrobe.

Pumps – Another form of flat shoe but with a sportier edge, pumps are derived from two main footwear avenues. The first are the court shoes worn by tennis players back in the twenties and thirties, the second are ballerina pumps, which once again have almost no heel and an exposed instep. A type of shoe better for the summer months.

 Loafers – Also known as boat shoes, loafers make great women’s casual shoes.  They do not have laces and are simply slipped on or off. Instead of laces there is frequently a button or buckle, but this is purely decorative. They can be made from leather or material and will typically have a soft sole.

Brogues – A classic casual shoe with a design that speaks volumes. They are not purely for casual occasions as they can give an outfit a more formal feel quite easily. Brogues are characterised by multiple leather pieces visually stitched together and have their origins in Scotland and Ireland as footwear for wet, outdoor conditions.

Sandals – More prominently for summer months, sandals are open toed shoes which come in both dress and casual styles. Once again casual types tend to be flatter whilst their dressier counterparts will often feature high heels and more aesthetic strapping. Casual sandals remain open and range in style from simply over the toe numbers to gladiator style versions.


dressy sandals

dress sandals


This is just a small selection of the women’s casual shoes out there. Naturally not every style has been discussed here and there is also a great deal of mixture in how shoes are designed as fashion evolves. It has hoped to show however that casual shoes are not purely about the situation they may be suitable for. The term casual is more a description of the comfort and general style of a shoe, which can be worn anywhere with the right outfit. 

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